What does a cow say?

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Sophie knows what a cow says. Sort of.

6 months old!

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Sophie and our Christmas tree

Sophie and our Christmas tree

Today Sophie is 6 months old! Since Sarah last posted, Sophie has had her first Christmas and entered a new calendar year. Every one of these milestones makes me breathe a huge sigh of relief, because at least so far, I don’t think we’ve screwed her up too badly. She smiles, she laughs, she snuggles, and when I make bad jokes she rolls her eyes at me just like any normal person.

Lately she has been busy working on her syllables. For a couple weeks, she was enthusiastic about “BA BA BA BA BA BA” until we explained that, unless you have a lot to say about sheep, “ba” isn’t really a very useful syllable. This weekend she has learned a much more important one: “DA DA DA DA DA!” We are encouraging her to understand that “da da” refers to me. This means when she wakes up at 4 a.m. saying “da da da da,” Sarah gets to kick me in the leg and say, “Your daughter is asking for you,” and then roll over and go back to sleep.

Happy 6 month birthday, Sophie!

Happy 6 month birthday, Sophie!

She is a big girl now. We haven’t had her weighed at the doctor’s office in a while, but she is definitely larger. When she was born — and I recall this quite vividly — I could easily carry her around in the crook of one knuckle. Now we have hired two large, burly men (Vadislav and Georg) who assist us in carrying her from place to place, because it is not a task that one human can accomplish any longer.



Luckily for us, she can sit and play on her own more than she used to, and because she received so many wonderful toys as Christmas gifts, she usually keeps herself entertained for a while. She also has a Bumbo, which is a molded foam and plastic seat that keeps her secure and upright. To celebrate her 6-month birthday, we stuck her in her Bumbo and gave her a few bits of thoroughly-cooked sweet potato, which she promptly mushed into pulp and then ignored. Some might take this as a sign that she is not ready for solid food; I think it is more likely that she is already a food snob, and was so unimpressed by the presentation that she just couldn’t continue.

Every day, our little Sophie learns something new and develops more and more of a personality. It’s a fascinating process, and one I’m so happy and proud to be part of, because I haven’t screwed it up yet.

There was a little girl who had a little curl…

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Sophie’s hair, like mine, curls fantastically when it’s wet. Her hair when dry has been compared to that of a used-car salesman, and has been referred to as a tragically unfortunate comb-over. We are assured by many that it is likely that her hair will fall out in due time and grow back entirely differently. I don’t know; I’m quite fond of her lovely toupée.

Little Girl Purple

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Sophie is still brand new, but already she has been colonized by an aggressive invading force of living creatures. Yes, she has thrush in her mouth.

Thrush, by Sergey Yeliseev

Thrush, by Sergey Yeliseev

No, not that thrush. This thrush, a.k.a. Candidiasis, a.k.a. a yeast infection. Her pediatrician assures us that it is quite common and easily treated (I’ve had thrush twice before, due to taking oral steroids for my asthma, and a good anti-fungal got rid of it in two weeks each time).

So now we have an anti-fungal cream (apply to baby’s bottom three times daily) and an anti-fungal mouth goo (squirt into baby’s mouth four times daily) and, just to top things off, we’ve got ourselves a bottle of Gentian Violet, which is a mysterious substance that is not made from Gentian flowers or Violet flowers, but if you ranked anti-fungal treatments on a scale of 1 to 10, Gentian Violet would be King Kong.

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Our baby registry

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Here is our baby registry!

Amazon’s normal “baby registry” doesn’t give us the flexibility to include baby items on other sites, so instead of using it, we created a normal Amazon wish list and we’re calling that our baby registry. If you click the big link above, you’ll be taken to that list of items. Some of the items are sold on Amazon, and some are sold by other sellers. As long as you make your purchases by clicking through the list, it will keep track of the purchases just like any registry.

We are looking forward to the baby shower in two weeks!