Almost 6 and almost 1!

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Before their ages become official, a quick update!

We caught a cold in the first half of June that knocked us each down for a couple days and then went, but left lingering symptoms that we still kind of have? But it’s a new month, so that stuff is going to go away now because I say so. The baby also did some pretty hardcore teething – off and on for weeks and weeks and then one constant unpleasantness for a few days – and now he has two top teeth that are definitely through! More are visible. I’m glad that he is making progress, but just the teensiest bit sad to move past his perfect two teeth baby face:

Other than those minor complaints, we are having a fabulous and full summer so far. This time of year is so jam packed with fun that I can barely keep up, but I love it. We have gotten in a pool trip, strawberry picking, farmers markets, food trucks and burger nights, various parks and lots of walks.

  Also Enoch’s first taste of a creamee:
He wasn’t sure, because it is cold – but it took after a couple tastes. :) ps: note their matching shirts! I couldn’t help myself.

Enoch is pulling up and climbing things. Walking doesn’t seem far off, but we will see. Here he is looking proud of his climbing accomplishments:

He loves books now, and he asks for them over and over and over. I wonder if there is a world record for most number of times reading a single board book on repeat…
He also suddenly started to dance when he hears certain music. Random songs that seem to work for him, and also most of the catalog of Chris Dorman, local children’s musician. He sort of does it like he is compelled to do it, super seriously and intensely. (Come to think of it, Sophie used to ask us to only play Mr. Chris’ cd for her when she wasn’t busy because she would have to dance and she didn’t want to be interrupted – ARE young children unnaturally compelled to movement when they hear Chris’ music? Is there some dark magic afoot?)

Here he is doing his dance moves, if this video will cooperate:

These kiddos like each other a lot, and also Enoch is a big hugger. Behold: 
He loves peekaboo and putting things on his head:

  And ok he’s just super cute.
And now it is birthday month for both of them! We kicked things off yesterday with Circus Smirkus, which was awesome. I wasn’t sure how the baby would do, but he LOVED IT. We did need snacks and nursing and switching between me and Ryan to make it work, but that’s fine! He danced and clapped and stared. It was like magic. And Sophie loved it so much, she kept exclaiming about it in ways that made me laugh. At one point she was so amazed she yelled “are you kidding me?!” We got some side eye from surrounding people for that one, but it was genuine amazement, I promise!

Ok, the app is slowing down so maybe this post is big enough. Happy July!

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