9 months! 

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9 months today!

And pulling to stand…even against a sliding glass door while watching his sister play outside. (He did this entirely himself, you see me spotting him in the photo just because he’s never done it against a flat surface before!) 


His favorite book is Jamberry by Bruce Degan. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton is also Enoch-approved, and one called Farmyard Beat. All others at this point are briefly tolerated before being grabbed or otherwise ended, I think just because they are not the first three. We will get there! He does like to be read to, he’s just particular about the material. ;)


Enoch is starting to get to be more of a playmate sometimes for Sophie, which she takes great pleasure in for a few minutes at a time! She and Tavi had a play date and made a point to include Enoch by making him a color-organized “picnic” with Tav’s wooden food. Enoch enjoyed chewing on their selections. The 5 year olds were pleased, though they wished the baby wouldn’t ruin their sorting. 


The other day S&E were playing a hand holding game in the car and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. 


Happy 3/4 year! 

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