9 months! 

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9 months today!

And pulling to stand…even against a sliding glass door while watching his sister play outside. (He did this entirely himself, you see me spotting him in the photo just because he’s never done it against a flat surface before!) 


His favorite book is Jamberry by Bruce Degan. Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton is also Enoch-approved, and one called Farmyard Beat. All others at this point are briefly tolerated before being grabbed or otherwise ended, I think just because they are not the first three. We will get there! He does like to be read to, he’s just particular about the material. ;)


Enoch is starting to get to be more of a playmate sometimes for Sophie, which she takes great pleasure in for a few minutes at a time! She and Tavi had a play date and made a point to include Enoch by making him a color-organized “picnic” with Tav’s wooden food. Enoch enjoyed chewing on their selections. The 5 year olds were pleased, though they wished the baby wouldn’t ruin their sorting. 


The other day S&E were playing a hand holding game in the car and it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. 


Happy 3/4 year! 

5 years 9 months/ 8 months!

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Sophie and Enoch are buddies! He thinks she is very exciting if sometimes a bit overwhelming, and she is very loving and patient with him (though she does tell me she “has no time to relax these days” because he wants her attention a lot and I ask her to entertain him now and then so I can cook or whatever). Here they are watching Mister Rogers together for a few minutes. Yes, Enoch has seen a screen- Ryan says he is a different experiment than Sophie, who really didn’t until she was just shy of 2.

He is a different experiment, and a very different experience. I still rarely have free hands, but we are all at peace and happy, including the baby. :)

So, I started writing this post almost a month ago, and there’s some new news: we have a crawler!

And an eater of solid foods!

(In the photos, you can see his favorite eating method – a piece of solid food to dip in some puréed mush. In this case, a beautifully messy roasted beet wedge dipped in puréed pear with ginger. Mmm?)

And relatedly – today I took Enoch to the allergist to talk about how to proceed with feeding him, given Sophie’s allergies. She examined him and said that he doesn’t look atopic at all (meaning, no outward signs of allergy and inflammation such as eczema, sinus or cough issues, etc.) and because of that, her advice is to just proceed with feeding him assuming he is a typical baby who can eat whatever. That is because allergy testing has a high rate of false positives, and cutting foods out unnecessarily has many drawbacks, including a greater likelihood of allergy down the road. So…now I have to work up the courage to offer him eggs and nuts, and figure out exactly how that is going to go. She had suggestions about that, too, and we are developing a plan. So, that’s some exciting and only slightly terrifying news!

Sophie, meanwhile, continues to be a cool kiddo. This month I took her to her first rock concert – a kid-oriented show put on by a bunch of local bands as a benefit for a local school. It was a fun date for us, even though we both found it a little bit intense volume-wise. There were glow sticks and temporary tattoos, good music,  and we even got to watch from the balcony for a while!

We visited the elementary school this month too, and came to the decision that Sophie will try out attending art and music with the first graders there in the fall, and homeschool the rest of the time. She is excited about all of the above.

For now, she’s enjoying her art time at the studio. This is her self portrait from this week, and the expression it is based on:

A few of Sophie’s bon mots from this month:

“If we go on a journey this year, can I pick it by spinning the globe and pointing with my finger?”

“When you feel anxious, it is good to make a plan.” She proceeded to explain what she would do if pirates wanted to “bound” her up, and also how she would handle foxes who…wanted to get in the house or something? I lost the thread, honestly, but it was something like that!

“If I saw an animal in a trap, I would chew through the ropes so the animal could be free. Because maybe the hunter was going to kill and eat the animal, and if I free it, it could live. And…living life is the most important thing. Right Mom? Like, you might not be able to walk or like maybe you think words are more important than numbers or numbers are more important than words or maybe you like dancing or…but, living your life is the most important thing.”

Enoch doesn’t have brilliant sayings yet but he did make the sign for “all done” for the first time a couple of days ago, so that’s pretty cool too. ;)