We’re back! Plus one.

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The blog was broken…but is now fixed! Don’t worry, we only missed updating about, you know, THE BIRTH OF OUR SON and 5 months of his and Sophie’s lives! But hey, be here now, right?


For posterity, Enoch Ambrose Michael was born on July 29th, 2014 at 8:39pm. That morning I went to my 39 week checkup and found out I had been leaking amniotic fluid for possibly a week or more, so Sophie and I went and got Ryan and our stuff and went right to the hospital for an induction. Pitocin got things going, and he was born after about 6 hours of labor. Sophie was there the whole time and it was awesome. It was really great. Kelly stayed with me in the hospital overnight while Ryan and Sophie went home for some sleep, and I got myself out of the hospital about 27 hours after checking in. :)



So, there’s your birth story redux. Here’s the Enoch rundown: he is such a friendly, happy baby. He is so responsive and cheerful so much of the time, and that’s a huge change from our, ahem, previous infant experience! He does have reflux, and despite being medicated he has to be held semi-upright for a while after eating, and he is sometimes fussy about it – but seriously, given that our last infant experience was a 24/7 scream fest this really does not seem like a big deal at all. He’s doing so well and we are all enjoying him so much. Sophie loves him and is adjusting well, though she does say there are hard things about having a baby (less attention, fewer free parental hands, more having to be quiet). She adores him though, and says she will always be with him – that if he wants to move out and live on his own one day she will live across the street. They are going to own a hotel together, she says, it’s a whole thing. He thinks she is wonderful and amusing, and he likes to hug her (sort of by leaning into her and allowing himself to be hugged).


Our arms are usually full and we are totally in survival mode, but we are happy and it’s good. Look at these sweeties!


Hopefully, you will hear from us again before he’s a year old. ;)