5 years old!

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Sophie is five!

On her birthday, we had a picnic in one of her favorite parks with Ryan’s family – here she is wearing butterfly wings Kelly gave her and being chased by Grandad.

We celebrated all week, with trips to Burger Night and Summervale, our first Circus Smirkus visit, and a party with her friends (which was supposed to be at the pool but ended up at our house because of rain – it went surprisingly well for a lot of 5ish year old people in a small space!

Sophie in the kids parade with Mister Chris at Summervale

Ryan and Sophie enjoying Circus Smirkus

Sophie’s birthday is surrounded by the birthdays of her friends, so we have been celebrating a lot lately. We had watermelon and carrot cake with Arlo, and picked blueberries with Zinnia for their birthdays. The next birthday we are anticipating is Raspberry’s. :) Last week I had a lot of contractions in the night that didn’t go anywhere in the end, but Sophie woke up very excited – “Is it time?! I am so happy!!” I managed her expectations and she handled the disappointment pretty well, but we are feeling very Ready around here.

Big sister practice! At a sibling celebration class where she got a doll sling and a big sister t-shirt.

5 year old Sophie sings with dramatic abandon in the car, and I get a kick out of it when she dramatically sings along with things that sound incongruous coming out of a small child – which she does a lot. She often exhibits fangirl behavior when exposed to live music, dancing right by the stage, singing along even if she doesn’t know the words, and “woooo!”ing. Her favorite Pandora stations (ha!) are the Mary Poppins stage show one (it’s a balance of Disney songs that I have curated a lot for minimum annoyance and some Broadway stuff that is also curated for her interest, plus music from the parks that we still feel mutually nostalgic about) and Robyn, with a side of various indie stuff. She loves her water table – now instead of being about dumping and playing with water, it’s about dramatic play for the Playmobil people who are usually the Boxcar Children. She collects sticks everywhere we go and loves to help tend the plants on the deck. She hopes for thunderstorms and longs to watch lightning, but somehow she hasn’t gotten to see any this summer – it’s always too minor and mild or after she’s asleep if it happens at all. She loves her binoculars and her notebooks and pens, and her favorite stuffed friends are Fawn and Bunny (recent acquisitions from my parents).

At 5, Sophie’s as always a big reader, and she’s got various writing things going on too. I took her to the library on Friday morning and when we are home, I have hardly heard from her since! She has very serious reading to do. Her favorite things to read right now and mystery and science-oriented, though she does also just enjoy a good story. She likes Magic Tree House, Boxcar Children, the Magic School bus, and Cam Jansen most. I am often surprised by the things she knows now, and it’s because she’s learning about things from books all on her own – a thing that is not entirely new, but is becoming more common and noticeable. It’s pretty cool! Steven Kellogg and Jon Sciescza also got her into math ideas a little bit more with “Millions to Measure” (I thought it was the one about big numbers when I grabbed it for her, but it’s actually about units of measurement – still interesting apparently!) and “Math Curse”. We also have They Might Be Giants to thank for a lot of the things she is interested in and knows about – they have albums called “Here Comes Science”, “Here Come the ABCs” and “Here Come the 123s” that she really likes. She enjoys playing scientist, taking notes about the world like Jack and Annie do, and collecting things outside (acorns are a favorite). Writing plays a role in a lot of her pretending lately – and now, in addition to the art all over our walls, there are signs about the circus and wet floors and museums and things. For about a week, she was obsessed with making newspapers:

Another thing she really likes: building very tall towers with Ryan and then pretending to be Yoshimi (of the Talking Heads song “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”) and “battling them down”. Yes, I am proud of that one. :) Right now at Echo, they have a room full of the plank blocks we have at home, so you can build as huge a tower (or other creation) as you want. We took Ryan one morning for maximum enjoyment.

And although we haven’t spent as much time on it as we should be, she is mastering the art of biking (especially to the left):

18 seconds of bike riding for your viewing enjoyment!

We are enjoying our 5 year old and anxiously awaiting our 0 year old. We hope to be posting with news very soon!