4 years, 11 months!

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I better this get post posted before she’s officially 5, huh? We’ve been very busy summering. Here are some things we’ve been up to:

Burger Night! Nothing says idyllic Vermont summer evening like going to the farm, sitting on a blanket, and eating (black bean) burgers while Sophie explores the greenhouse and dances to local music.

T-rex faces! With Sue the T-rex

The Montshire Museum! Sophie and I went with Erin and Tavi, who go all the time. We’d never been before, and it was really fun. We got to see Sue, the largest/most complete T-rex skeleton ever found, and also check out all the other cool stuff the museum has. We’d like to bring Ryan back there sometime, as he is a little envious of our Sue encounter.

The water area was one of Sophie’s favorite parts. She and Tavi played and got soaked, despite the fact that it was cloudy and like, 60 degrees. But that meant we had the place mostly to ourselves!

Shelburne Museum! We all went for a day, and we mostly revisited Sophie’s favorite parts, but we also visited a couple of things we’d never gotten to before, like the blacksmith shop. Here we are on the boat!

Taking a rest on the Ticonderoga

Sophie went on the carousel with each of us once, then on her own about 70 million times or so.

Sophie riding the merry-go-round for the 20th time ;)

How big is your eye? (I think that is what they were checking on here.)

An owl program at the Audobon! Sophie and her friends learned about owls and we went on a hike looking for owl pellets. They didn’t actually find any, but the teacher had one with her so they got to take one apart anyway. Ew/awesome. Note Sophie’s hiking outfit.

Sophie and Tavi adorably peer at each other under the dugout

T-ball spectator-ing! Tavi played t-ball this year, and we went to see him. Sophie was mostly only interested in the game when Tav was at bat, otherwise she spent her time picking dandelions and lining them up on the bleachers. Still fun.

"I will always remember this moment with the flowers", she was saying.

Various parks and playgrounds! Though lately, she’s been as much about the flower picking/leaf collecting/stick management as she has about the playground itself. Sometimes we go play for 15 minutes, and then walk to the trees by the bakery while she “makes a fire” (picks a lot of grass and makes a pile) to “cook breadfruit” (finds a round seed or unripe fruit or whatever to place on top of the pile, poking it with a stick now and then). In the photo she is harvesting flowers from a tree and picking old dry cherries off of it. She did that, alternating with walking around the bench saying “chug a chug a choo choo” for like half an hour.

So yeah, busy times. Right now Sophie is out practicing her pedal biking with Ryan – I went out to observe and found her pretty much doing it! So far she is a Zoolander sort of bike rider – she really only turns to the left. She is uncertain about starting (though she can) and she doesn’t seem entirely in control of where she’s going – but she can stay up and she can stop, and it’s just a matter of spending a bit more time doing it. So, yay!

This month we’ve been preparing a bit more for the birth, and for Sophie’s planned presence during it. We have been reading and talking about it, and my doula and Kelly came over to watch some birth videos with Sophie the other day. She was so excited and nervous that she couldn’t really process in the moment, but we’ve had a lot of good talks since then and I think she’s on her way. Obviously the sticking point for her is that she will have to see me in pain and she’s worried about that, but she still feels she wants to be there as long as she can do something different if she feels scared (hide, leave the room, get a hug from Kelly, etc.). Since one can never be sure how this sort of thing will really play out, it’s a tricky one to prepare for and I don’t have all the answers, but we’re trying to be as ready as we can! Tomorrow, we are taking her to a sibling celebration/preparation class, which her friend Leanna is also attending (her mom is due about 2-3 weeks after me), and she is excited about it. I’m 34 weeks tomorrow, so…it’s feeling pretty soon! And also pretty darn far, because I’m still very uncomfortable and having major skin issues, but an action plan is in place for that (one I am not super comfortable with that involves stronger steroids and things, but, it shouldn’t be for too long at least).

When next I write here, Sophie will be 5, and depending on timing, I could have a baby. Whoa. Happy summer!