4 years, 9 and 10 months

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I dropped the ball last month, sorry everybody. I was probably busy being itchy.


It’s because of this one here, but I don’t blame him, I blame my misinformed immune system. Apparently it sees the Y chromosome as quite alarming. I don’t think I explained here, but I was diagnosed with PUPPP (a super itchy pregnancy rash) and then my regular dermatologist told me she thinks it is all or mostly eczema, just all over my body instead of in small patches. Either way, it is Highly Unpleasant and I am variably uncomfortable to miserable, depending on whether it’s an on or an off week for the topical steroids. Though I definitely complain, I am also aware that I am fortunate to be generally healthy and have a healthy baby growing in there, though, so…overall I’m happy, it’s just going to be kind of a rough few months until we finally get to meet him!

For now, let’s talk about this kiddo:

Rainy day coffee date (she had steamed milk).

You know that song you totally cannot avoid anywhere on this continent at the moment, “Happy”? Sophie says she loves that song because that is what she is. Whatever a room without a roof is, Sophie has got it going on. She is Happy. And she is overjoyed about her brother – at least, conceptually. I asked her the other day if she thought having a baby around might be hard sometimes, to try and get her to talk about that part of it, and she said “Well, yes. Sometimes when the baby will cry and he doesn’t notice when you do all the baby things for him, that might be hard.” I told her that yes, that was exactly a hard thing sometimes about babies. There are obviously going to be a LOT of things about having a new baby that she won’t be thrilled about and can’t really fathom yet, and of course I am expecting there will be a lot of huge emotional adjustments for her. But I’ve got to say, hearing her talk so happily and supportively about him and to him, and telling me how much she wants her baby brother…that’s pretty intense, sweet stuff.

Decked out...for science!

She’s also pretty excited about learning things, and “doing science” (which to her, right now, basically involves observing nature and the world and writing stuff down about it. I think that’s a fine place to start!) Here she is ready to do some science on the deck. She needs her backpack, which contains a notebook and pen, and in this instance she also had her toilet paper tube binoculars. She wrote down things like “leaves on trees” and “bugs”. The backpack thing is inspired mostly by Jack and Annie of the Magic Treehouse, which is a series she reads and plays about a lot (along with the Boxcar Children, Cam Jansen, Daisy Dawson and Nate the Great.) She has epic treehouse adventures when she’s into a Magic Treehouse book, and she uses board books as her portals to various worlds. We still get a kick out of listening to her narrate her own adventure: “And she took off her helmet and DASHED to the treehouse and CLAMBERED up, then she quickly took out a book and it FLEW open to the right page.” Always very urgent, with lots of loudly emphasized verbs.

Her imaginary world, like most small people, is quite rich and she’s usually got some whole Thing going on in her head, or all over the living room. Here she is driving Fawn and Bunny somewhere or other:

Driving with a bucket for a steering wheel and a flashlight for a...spyglass?

Ryan and Sophie marching in her "circus parade"

(The sign she’s holding says “puride”, aka “parade”.)

PS, she’s four and likes to make silly faces, especially for the camera.

Sometimes she likes to make a face and ask me to take her picture. Here I think she is making a "where has all the miso soup and sushi gone" face. The answer is: in her belly.

Spring is happening! As such, we are busier again with fun outdoor things to look forward to. Ryan and Sophie broke out the bikes for the first time for Cycle the City, but it was so cold and rainy that day that they only made it a mile or so before they turned back to hang out in the warm coffee shop with me!

Bravely trying to bike in the terrible weather.

Mayfest was a bit cloudy and cool, but it was still a good time:

Sophie and Fawn at Mayfest

Taking a pony ride at Mayfest!

And this weekend we saw the Kids Day parade and went to the first outdoor farmer’s market of the year – a big celebration in our house! Perfect weather remained for Mother’s Day, so Ryan and Sophie went on a nice bike ride on the bike path while I did a little shopping for maternity clothes, and then we met for ice cream. We are so glad to have sun again!

In closing, here is a Sophie quote that I think is awesome:

“When my foot falls asleep, it feels like it is full of evil stars.” Sounds about right!