4 years, 8 months

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Sophie drew a (LOT of) family portraits including Raspberry! Like, seriously a lot...I think she hung up 6 in our room.

The big news Sophie would most like to share with you (and every postal worker, cashier, barista, store clerk and random passer-by she encounters): Raspberry has a penis! Those are her words, repeated frequently and with great enthusiasm. Sophie, Ryan and Kelly all came with me to my ultrasound this week. The baby was curled up and seemed pretty irritated with the whole thing, so we did not get much of a look at his face, but everything seems to be where and how it is expected to be, and it was really fun to see him moving around in there. We have a lovely printout of ultrasound photos of…an arm, a foot, and a penis. Since the ultrasound photos are not exactly illustrative, I included Sophie’s drawing of our envisioned family instead. ;) A little brother for Sophie! Raspberry just gave me a good solid kick – perhaps in greeting. Hi from Raspberry, folks!

I wonder what gave her this idea. ;)

Yoshimi battling the block robots

Ryan and Sophie have been building robots out of Tinker Toys and blocks recently, mostly for Sophie to “battle them down”. She’s a big fan of the Flaming Lips songs about Yoshimi battling the pink robots, so she’s pretending to be Yoshimi, you see. (She also tried out a drum solo at Tavi’s house to go with the song.) Here is a Sophie quote for you from Ryan:

“Sophie was taking a robot’s temperature, but was unsure where to put the thermometer. I indicated an area under the robot’s eyes and said, “You could put it in the robot’s mouth, under its tongue.” She gave me a look. “Dad,” she said. “This isn’t the OLD days.” Then she proceeded to take a temperature reading by running the thermometer across the robot’s forehead.”

Sophie is working on an elaborate paper city to drive cars on, which we sometimes help with.

She is always working on something: portraits, stories, lists, robots to battle, signs indicating where one should and should not dance, learning the words to “Once Upon A Mattress”…and so on. :)

That’s all we have for right now. Hopefully next time I update Sophie’s blog it will be with pictures that include grass and/or sun and/or flowers. Hey, we can dream!

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