4 years, 7 months!

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Looking in the window, on Ryan's shoulders, eating a snowball. It's nice being four. :)

Sophie has begun to document herself much more – she spends a large part of her free time coloring, drawing and writing. “Writing” mostly looks like pretending to be Annie of the Magic Tree House books and “taking notes” in her notebook, or writing books of rhyming words (her current works are entitled “Book to Remember” and “Coffee in a Cup”, I don’t know why.) She’s drawing about her feelings, processing the existence of Raspberry (lots of family portraits with a baby drawn inside me), and recreating Disney memories and Boxcar Children stories. There is also a lot of output from her art class – a canvas now and then, and things like clay bowls and leaves and creatures made out of pipe cleaners and socks….the whole nine yards. She has also started hanging up her own work, so the entire house is basically a preschool art gallery. She also made me a Valentine’s card that says “HPPY VANTI’S DAY SARA LOV RIN & SOPHIE”. It is awesome. :)

I am the small one, then there's Ryan in the middle and Sophie on the right

A lot of this goes on, as well:

Ryan and Sophie have been getting a lot of good snow play in too, since the most recent storms. They went sledding this weekend (Sophie likes to go down the hill by herself now, quite often, sometimes throwing her hands in the air at the bottom!) and they spend a lot of time exploring our yard. Sophie loves to make snow angels, and it looks like it is quite an effort:


Sophie and I also went to a preschool program at the Audobon Center after one of the big snows and learned about animal tracks. The snow was too deep to see much, but she did have a great time playing in it!

And because we are looking forward to a time when the world is not brutally cold and white, we turned to thoughts of family biking. (I don’t know how much biking I’ll be up for this summer, but y’know, we’re thinking of the next few years here. :)) Sophie has outgrown her beloved front-mount seat, the iBert, and so we’ll be saving that for baby and upgrading Sophie to a new contraption. We considered many options, but in the end I got a great deal on a closeout model of the Weehoo, so that’s what we went with. It’s a tag-along sort of thing, except instead of just a bike seat it’s a full chair sort of thing with harness, cupholders, and stuff-carrying capacity (panniers on the sides) – and Sophie can help pedal or just relax and watch the world go by. Pretty sweet, huh? Here she is trying the seat out when it arrived (it’s not hooked up to a bike yet, but we did assemble it):


We are looking forward to the not-cold SO MUCH. In the meantime, we are doing our usual indoor activites: yoga, open gym, art, and while I seem to have almost no photos (I know I took some, where are they?) there is an Alice in Wonderland exhibit at Echo right now. You can imagine what a big deal this is to Sophie!

Sophie, Tav, and some other young yogis at yoga class

Quality face-making.

Oh, and in Raspberry news…I’m 16 weeks along, Raspberry is about the size of an avocado according to the fruit comparison standards ;) and I bought maternity jeans this weekend because the pregnant belly is definitely upon me. That’s all I’ve got for now! Checkup next week. We are planning to find out which parts Raspberry has in a month or so. We have been having conversations about gender identity with Sophie as part of talking about this, and the other day she said “So, if Raspberry has a penis, we can make a pretty good guess that Raspberry will feel like they are a boy. And if Raspberry has a vulva, it’s a good guess that Raspberry will feel like a girl.” She is aware that when Raspberry is older, they might feel differently, though. She also discusses that Raspberry might feel more like a “they” than a “he” or “she”. (Her calling a person “a they” is not my ideal here, but it’s her beginning understanding of non-binary gender identity and preferred pronouns.) We will see. :)

At Sophie’s request, we are listening to Walt Disney World music a fair amount lately – like, the ride soundtracks and stuff. Sophie says she likes to “miss Disney together”, and it really does bring back memories very strongly. The nostalgia is often really nice except for how much it makes us want to leave the frozen north and go to Disney like right now! We have told her we will go back someday, and she is already planning to try the rides she didn’t get to experience this time. She might be tall enough for them by the time we get to go again! :) Right now she is sitting in her “cave” (a fort made of blankets and pillows over the top of her tube tent thing) and singing along with the Haunted Mansion soundtrack, while snacking and reading with a flashlight. Good times! A snack and a book sounds like my next move…stay warm everyone!