4 years, 5 and 6 months

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First, here is what I wrote down for the post I never finished last month, so I can get up to speed for this month:

“Mama, how did the world….how does the Earth get all these years and all these holidays to be so great?”

I gave her a vague answer about traditions and sharing happy times and how people have been celebrating holidays for a long long time…which was not an accurate or specific enough response. She said, “Hmm. Maybe we should ask the internet.”

Speaking of asking the internet: Sophie asked me how they put stripes on candy canes. I said I wasn’t sure, and perhaps we should ask the internet. She said loudly, at the ceiling “Internet! How do they put stripes on candy canes?” (If we had more modern iPhones and she had said “Siri” instead of “internet” this would be a different anecdote, huh?) PS: we did google it, and found that they make them by hand at Disneyland and had a video about it.

We put up our Christmas tree and Kelly and Peter helped us decorate it. Sophie and I are both pretty much over the moon about Christmas trees, and we like to turn off the lights at night and just look at the lit-up tree. She tells stories to herself about the ornaments and makes sure we remember to water it. She’s been wearing her Christmas pajamas a lot, and Ryan wears his Santa hat and it’s basically just super festive in our living room! (Note: I wrote this in December but it’s January and kinda sorta still completely true.)

Posing with reindeer antler hands!

Hugging her new stuffed Ponyo on Christmas morning

…and now it’s January! And we had Christmas! And also we have some news: Sophie is going to be a big sister! I am 12 weeks pregnant, due in early August. While Sophie was unsure how she felt and unready to discuss it when she first found out, she is now completely over the moon about Raspberry (her name for the fetus, chosen originally because the picture in her book of a zygote looks kind of like a raspberry to her). She came with us to my first prenatal appointment, and got to see the ultrasound and hear the heart beat. So exciting! She likes to talk to Raspberry through my belly button. The day of my appointment, after she had seen the ultrasound, she asked if she could speak to Raspberry. I lifted my shirt and she whispered into my belly button “Raspberry, I am really going to be your sister!” That sound you hear is the sound of my heart inflating, exploding, and also growing back 3 sizes larger. ;)

Because everyone loves an ultrasound photo, right? ;)

I had really terrible and constant morning sickness for several weeks, but am feeling much better now. Sophie is pleased to have a mostly normal mama again, and I am pleased to be getting back into our normal life! She has been very understanding about my continuing issue with smells, needing to eat all the time, and requiring rest for Raspberry. Already practicing her sister skills. :)