4 years, 4 months

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You know how last time I wrote I said Sophie was reading, but I wasn’t really sure how much because I rarely heard her do it? Those days are over, people. She’s reading to us all the time now, and very proud of herself. She enjoys reading The Foot Book backwards just for a lark (“feet air the in up!”), and she can also carefully work her way through reading me a chapter of the Boxcar Children. We are all pleased about this…I may have gotten into a discussion of her reading with the guy who works in the children’s department at Phoenix Books in Burlington, because he understood my excitement. :)

Other than reading, we’ve had a great Halloween and spent a lot of time outside this month, playing in the leaves and hiking and so on while the getting is still good. There was even a Halloween bike ride – 300 people came out in costume to bike around the city and then meet up at our favorite coffee shop for a little afterparty. It was great!

Sophie wore her lion costume for the bike ride. Here she is being very cat-like and chasing a ribbon.

Ryan (a ghost) and Sophie the lion ready for the bike ride

For trick or treating, Sophie was Alice when she grew huge inside the white rabbit’s house. She and Ryan made a very elaborate cardboard house, and it looked awesome. She had a hard time actually wearing it, though, so for a lot of the night she was just Alice. With a coat on. But hey, it was still a great idea. ;)

Here is one more shot so you can see the cucumber frame on the side. Alice fans will understand why Sophie really wanted this detail included. :)

Here are some other photos from the month:

Three 4 year olds who did a longer hike that we'd planned (2.5 hours!) and came out smiling. And also tired and hungry. :)

Studying a leaf she pulled out of her clothes. :)

On the merry-go-round with Ryan at the Shelburne Museum

A thing I am kind of proud of: when Sophie is outside lately, she likes to find a big stick, poke a tree with it, and pretend that she is Yoshimi battling the pink robots (the tree is the pink robot). I think that’s a level-up right there. (For the uninitiated, “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” is a Flaming Lips song.)

Another thing Sophie is loving right now is art. She is doing the art class that she did last spring again, and it is super fun. One of her favorite things at home is to have Ryan draw her a picture (or me, in a pinch ;)), and then she colors it. On her own, she started adding in speech bubbles. Speech bubbles! That may also be a nerd level-up. The first one she did was in this picture Ryan drew of Peter Pan, crying about his shadow. Sophie drew Wendy under him as if he had sat on her by accident, and the speech bubble says “OOOOH”. Poor Wendy. Sophie thought it was a funny joke though! She also added some pretty alarming teeth because she does that on most of her pictures of people. And then she asked Ryan to write “Boy, why are you crying” at the top, and Sophie added in (a correct spelled) “SHE SAID”. She isn’t writing very much yet, I think because she’s been focusing on reading… so those speech bubbles were a surprise! But now that she is reading, writing is starting to come just a bit. She did her first phonetic spelling a day or two ago…she tried to write “Sebastian” – SBSJN.

A very strange art collaboration, featuring baby's first speech bubble. ;)

Sophie and her mantis

Sophie’s praying mantis died a few days ago. He has lived with us since he and his thousands of brethren and sistren hatched in June. Sophie loved the mantis and thought of him as her pet, and she was of course very sad about his death. She communicated that if he was not here, she was afraid she would forget him, and I told her I took some pictures of him when he was alive that she could remember him by. So in honor of remembering the mantis, for Sophie’s sake, I am sharing this photo. He was a fascinating and sort of gruesome creature, and Sophie really loved him.