4 years, 1 month and then some :)

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Dressed up as a pirate with a cape for the Maritime Festival at the waterfront!

It is good to be 4 in the summer time. No, really? It’s just good to be us in the summer time!

Face paint and popsicle at Burger Night

Getting ready for the weekly kids' parade with Chris at Burger Night

Dancing with Arlo and the other kiddos at Summervale

Picking blueberries!

Sophie Strong flies through the greenhouse at Bread and Butter Farm

More photos of summer fun are at our Flickr!

There have been a couple of big accomplishments for Sophie in the past month. She took swim lessons at the pool we go to, and she was super brave. She practiced kicks, putting her face in the water, and front and back floats. At her last lesson, she back floated on her own and kicked towards me – she swam a teensy bit on her own for a few seconds! Her teacher was great – she managed to push Sophie past her comfort zone a little bit each time, but very gently and without any judgement or coercion. The only bad part was that it was often very chilly – this was not exactly an extremely hot August. Next time, July afternoons or bust!

She also found a pedal bike she really liked at a garage sale the other day. (She has been balance-biking all summer and is pretty good at that, so she has been wanting to try a pedal bike. 2 wheels, she doesn’t even know about training wheels I don’t think!) We brought it home, and she tried it out in our parking area with Ryan. After a few tries, she managed to ride on her own! Now she goes back and forth, riding on her own a little bit at a time, staying up for a few seconds each time. She is still working on starting on her own, and she has only managed to turn a couple of times without putting her feet down – but she is enthusiastic, so she’ll probably learn pretty fast! I took a whole 14 seconds of video you can see:

And let’s close with some Sophie-isms, shall we?

Of some local plums we got one day: “I have never ate-n so good a fruit as these.”
Pretending to be a mother pig, nursing her piglets: “I only have two nipples, so you’ll all have to take turns.”
Regarding the cup of cold juice she was holding: “This is like, a cold scenario.”
On things she wants to do in her life: “There are so many things I want to do and people I want to be that I don’t know if I can do it all! I want to do hundreds of things!”

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