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Sophie is four years old!

The day before her birthday, Shelburne Museum had an Alice In Wonderland event. It was perfectly timed, and Sophie’s dream come true. She met every character, played croquet with the White Rabbit while the Queen of Hearts looked on, and painted some roses red. It was pretty much amazing. And we didn’t have our good camera with us, so thank goodness for iPhones.

Alices conversing.

She had a pool party for her birthday, which is sort of the tradition at this point. This year, the cupcakes said “Eat Me” spelled out in currants, as in Alice In Wonderland, and Sophie had a big “Drink Me” tag on her strawberry lemonade. This was all her idea. I don’t have a good representative shot of the party – somehow I didn’t take a group shot or a picture of her cupcakes or anything! But you can find the photos I did take at our Flickr account.

Another big milestone this month is that Sophie chose to wean just before her birthday. Of her own accord, she marked a day on the calendar (July 3rd), and on that day she stopped nursing to sleep. We did one last special good-bye nurse on her birthday to honor the transition, and now she is all done. We are both happy and proud that she chose it herself. She was also a bit sad about it, at first, though, and there are still some signs that she’s working through the Big Change that weaning was for her. Still, she’s stuck to it, and we are riding out the emotional upheaval together! As a bookend to our nursing relationship, she had her second case of mastitis right after she decided to wean. It’s odd because she had it as an infant too, and it’s usually the mother who has that problem in these situations. :P She had a fever of 104.6! Which is a memorable fever! Thankfully we were able to get in to the doctor right away, and it got better enough for her to be functional very quickly.

At 4, Sophie’s passions aside from Alice in Wonderland include dinosaurs, globes, swimming, and dresses. She says her favorite song is “Wine Red” by The Hush Sound, of all things. She is getting pretty good on a scoot bike, and really looking forward to swim lessons at the tennis club. She loves to build structures with Ryan out of the blocks she got for her birthday (little Jenga-looking ones, so you can make big complex things), and as always, she pretends to an Alice or Mary Ann a lot. She loves picking flowers and grass, trying to climb trees, swimming, watering plants on the deck, and going for little hikes.

Sophie is really enjoying summer yoga and the new summer teacher she has this year. She has been going around singing the songs, and reciting the opening chant: “I am happy, I am strong, I am happy, I am strong!” Followed by some Sanskrit. She also likes the little namaste song they sing, and she has told me a couple of times that the light in her honors the light in me. ;) This new teacher does a little song to teach the sun salutation, and I thought it was awfully cutesy at first…but wouldn’t you know, Sophie really responds to it, and she says doing sun salutations is her favorite part of class. Our little yogi!

A bee balm flower, from Gramma Martha's garden.

Picking sweet cherries with Erin, Jonny and Kai

Chowing down at the south end food truck night!

She is, as always, fiery. I love that she can be fierce about things, and even though it is sometimes extremely exhausting and difficult, I am so, so glad for her iron will. She is – and more so, will be – a stronger person for it. She is also extremely affectionate, and lately, very demonstrative: “I love you so much, I am so happy to have such a mama as you.” And she’s curious in bigger ways than she once was. The other day she asked me why there is a sky, and why it’s blue, and how fast does the Earth turn, and whether praying mantises smile and and and and and. Anyway. What I mean to say is that we really like her a lot and we are proud of her. :)

Here is a video of Arlo and Sophie dancing at Summervale! I really think this will improve your day, you should watch it!

And because it seems like a good last picture for this post, here’s Sophie coming home from her birthday party: tired, still damp, and laden with pool toys. :) Happy July, and happy 4!