3 years, 11 months

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I’ve waited now until she’s practically 4 to post this, so it’ll be short and sweet!

Checking out the baby mantises.

We had three praying mantis egg cases and all of them hatched, so our deck is currently an entomological wonderland. Sophie is really interested in them and has enjoyed watching them and sometimes letting them walk on her hands and arms. I let her know that bug scientists exist and are called entomologists, she thinks that job would be pretty cool and she might want to be one someday. Of course, she also wanted to be a palaeontologist when we went to see the dinosaur exhibit at Echo, and she tends to want to do just about any job we’ve ever discussed, so…yeah. But she is interested in lots of things!

She is not the least bit squeamish. This is great for scientific inquiry and general curiosity, though it does mean I’ve had to suppress a squirm myself a few times.

Here is she is touching a slug during a fairy house event at the Audobon center. She said the last time she touched a slug it made her finger really sticky and orange so this time she touched it more lightly.

Touching a slug at the Audobon center

It has been a cool and rainy June, and that has been a bummer sometimes…but Sophie’s pretty good at making the most of things. We took her for what we thought would be a quick stop at the food trucks on a rainy day, and ended up getting a table and eating our food while she danced in the rain next to us. She also got a hug from her favorite juice maker, as you will see below. :) Also every time it thunderstorms at night I have trouble getting her to sleep…but not because it scares her. It’s because it is SO EXCITING and she wants to watch the sky and listen for thunder and it is JUST SO GREAT that she could not possibly sleep. So that’s the better problem to have, I guess…

Hugging in the rain at the food truck stop!

Our biggest adventure this month was camping for a couple days at Ausable. We haven’t successfully spent a night camping with Sophie before, but this year went very well for her! She slept like a log, swam and played, and had a fantastic time. It did rain a lot the last night and morning we were there, so when we got home, we were all pretty Done. Sophie said “I want to go camping again! But maybe with a house to sleep in.”

Check out that shirt. And that cuteness.

Hunting for driftwood, I think!

Bravely venturing into the lake!

And that is a brief overview! I will see you in a few weeks when Sophie is officially four. FOUR I tell you!