3 years, 10 months

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Sophie, ladies and gentlemen!

This month, Ryan had a birthday! We had a nice, mellow day of kite flying and bike riding together. Here is Sophie, celebrating in style:

Getting her party on

Speaking of bike riding, Sophie is practicing her skills on a balance bike (the kind with no pedals or training wheels, so you can scoot along and learn balance) this spring. While I was out biking on my own for a while the other day, she and Ryan went to the playground and for ice cream – and she balanced-biked herself the whole way! We’ve been hitting the bike trail a lot this month, and we did a 10 mile route around Burlington with a big group of people a couple of weeks ago.

Here are Sophie, Eleanor and Adele before the big ride.

Sophie has an unusual new hobby: stick piles. She just really likes yardwork, I guess? But seriously, we were outside for an hour a couple days in a row just…piling sticks. I got pretty bored. ;)

Pile o' sticks

We tried out an art class a few weeks ago, and Sophie was so in love with it that we have gone back for the rest of the series. She made a very…striking! painting on canvas (I don’t have photos yet of the finished product, but just you wait), a t-shirt, a slide whistle, a bookmark, a sock creature, a flower pot, and a bunch of other stuff. So much fun. So much art! What do we do with all this art?!

The artist at work

Sophie is also, at least at the moment, kind of a hiking enthusiast. We went for a little hike with Tavi and Erin the other day, and we had a great time. The kids got to drop sticks and leaves in the brook and watch them travel down the little waterfall, and there were turtle and newt sightings. Sophie spent most of the hike saying she wished we could stay there for longer…and then when the car was within sight she was all “I wish we were home for dinner.” Note: leave earlier next time. ;)

Taking a break.

Speaking of enthusiasm….

Pretending to be the Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts is often angry, you see.

Alice in Wonderland is still The Thing.

Also, we went to Mayfest at the Waldorf school, and it was good. This year, the weather was much like May, instead of the cold drizzle that we experienced last year. We got to spend a bit more time and my fingers were still operable, so I could help Eleanor and Sophie make flower crowns and Sophie took the time to get her face painted as well as getting in her long-awaited pony ride.

She is a tiger, with a flower crown, and a sunhat. There is a lot going on.

I have now taken entirely too long to post this, so I’m going to go ahead and do that. You can find more photos at our Flickr. Hope you’re having a lovely spring!