3 years, 9 months!

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A constant in our lives: the Alice in Wonderland outfit

Sophie is dressed in a variation of this theme nearly every day lately: the Alice in Wonderland outfit. A dress, some tights, black mary janes, and a headband I constructed out of sock garters. Her preference is for a blue dress and white tights because that is most accurate, but when those are in the wash she makes do. ;) When we go to yoga, open gym, or the playground she usually wears something else at my request, but otherwise, it’s all Alice all the time.

Did I mention this is also her favorite thing to play for as many waking hours as possible? And that she is persistent about requesting that Ryan and I pretend to be a character or 5 from the story? Did I mention she wants to read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass quite often too? (Don’t worry, we’re reading the proper annotated edition and everything. ;)) It’s a good thing we are fans of the story….but even though we love it, our enthusiasm isn’t exactly turned up to 11 like hers is at this point. You know that thing about how if every day was your birthday, you might get tired of it? Around here, it’s always a mad tea party. :) Still, of all the things to be obsessed with when you are a 3 and a half year old girl, Alice in Wonderland is totally something I can live with. She’s learning about…curiousity? and using an excessive amount of adverbs. (“Constantly” and “violently” have been used a lot.)

Also, she’s making art:

Sophie's interpretation of the Cheshire cat.

I really like that one!

I’m about to post a picture of snow, brace yourselves. Hopefully, this is the last one you will see for ages and ages:

Ryan and Sophie made a snowman WITH THE LAST SNOW OF THE YEAR, GOT IT?

Quick, here is an antidote:

At Gramma's, searching for wooly bear caterpillars

We went to visit the grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles and so on for Easter. It was very fun. :) Sophie, Eleanor and Adele are all at good (plastic) egg hunting ages, and they had a blast looking around Gramma’s house for eggs. They were moving so fast and in so many different directions that I did not get many good pictures of the event, but trust me, it was great. And here is a picture of her sitting with Gramma:

Chillaxin', as they say. (This one's for Gramma.)

Sophie also got to meet some of the women I grew up with while we were in New York. Nellie and Emma Ruby were both in town from their respective homes in other states, and there was a party for Emma’s birthday. It was really great for me to see them, and I’m glad Sophie got to spend some time with everyone. She even got the meet the woman behind her favorite handmade washcloth – their mother, Barb. ;) This sounds silly, but I promise – the wash cloth is a Huge Deal at bath time. She always asks for it and asks me to tell her about who made it and how we bathed her as a baby and stuff like that. Also, it turns out wax lips are safe for people with egg and nut allergies, so she got to join in the fun when we all wore wax lips for pictures! Somehow I didn’t upload the picture I had of her though, so you’ll just have to imagine it for now.

We also went to see the Alice in Wonderland ballet in Glens Falls, and Sophie was so moved by it that she cried when it was over. It was perfect for her.

Sophie and the white rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland ballet

Besides Alice, Sophie’s developing an interest in dinosaurs. I am excited about this, because I was big into dinosaurs as a child, and it’s fun to revisit! Except, did you know that basically everything we knew about dinosaurs has changed since the 80s? Okay, not quite everything – but a lot of things, seriously. I bought her a dinosaur book published in 2008, and there are whole classes of dinosaurs now and things you’ve never heard of and it’s…whoa. She also enjoys reading about fossils and is interested in being a palaeontologist. She says we should travel around the world and look for fossils, maybe in Florida. :)

Here are two facts, from Sophie – ones she needed to convey to Ryan when she had to pee during her quiet time:

“I have two things to tell you. Sometimes when we don’t have toilet paper we use tissues, and sometimes when the weather means rain it says showers.”

Also, her app idea (for context: I have the Gmail background with a little fox and his bird friends, and what they are doing changes depending on the time of day):

“I wonder if we could have a touchscreen with the fox doing tai chi and some rocks and some bunnies, and they would all splash around, and when I touch them they would say “tai chi!” or “rock! rock! rock!” or “bunny! bunny! bunny!” or “broom! broom! broom!” And you could turn the page and on the next page it would have the fox sleeping or having tea or sweeping or pretending to fly with his birds, and he could climb a tree like he was flying, and fill the birdbath for his birds.”

I’d play with that.

When I called her “baby”, she said “Why you call me Baby?” I said I don’t know, it’s just a thing that I say sometimes, because you are my baby even though you are a bigger girl now. I asked what she would prefer I call her, and she said “Kiddo. Also daddy calls me goofball sometimes, that’s a good one. Also I like Pumpkin, or Pumpkin Pie.”

Sophie nurses a little bit still, just before nap and bed for a few minutes. I asked her the other day, conversationally, when she thought she might stop nursing. She said “Maybe when I’m…10.” I said I would prefer not to nurse that long, and what did she think about 4? She genuinely thought that was funny, it was so ridiculous to her: “Hahaha! 4 is after 3!”

Indeed, and now she’s 3 and 3/4ths. How did that happen?

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    Oh man, I love the Sophie updates. Just love them. That girl is so funny I can barely contain myself.