3 years, 8 months

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This month, Ryan was in Texas for a week for SXSW. It was a very long time to be apart, but we survived! Sophie and I kept busy, spent time with friends, had a whirlwind visit from Gramma Martha and Grampa, and visited the airport. Ryan left and came back at times when Sophie would be very much asleep, but Sophie had never been to the airport before, so we decided to visit just for fun. We went with Tavi and Erin, because Tavi has a lot of airport experience – his dad flies for work all the time! The kids had a blast. We rode the escalator, visited the observation tower, did yoga in the yoga room, and sat at a table in the restaurant to watch planes.

Observing the airport.

Airport yoga!

Sophie says she’d like to fly on a pink and red plane to South Africa. I asked what we would do in South Africa, and she said she didn’t know…but hey, the adventurous spirit behind this idea is appreciated! She also said she would like to drive to France, and she drew a picture “for France”. It is hanging on our wall, I hope France can enjoy it from here!

In early March, Burlington celebrated Mardi Gras with a parade. It was chilly, but fun! After the parade, we went to dinner with Erin and Kai and Kelly and Peter, and then walked back across town in the snow. It was pretty awesome, actually.

Mardi Gras Sophie

This past month, Sophie went to a photoshoot at the yoga studio for their website update. She and the yoga studio director’s small son had a great time pretending to do yoga class and holding yoga poses for the camera. She got to hang out at the studio and eat oranges and color for a while, too. Plus, she got to go to the bigger kids’ yoga class with her very favorite teacher of all time afterwards, so that was also pretty exciting!

Sophie is starting to sound out words, which is big news around here! She’s doing it whenever the mood strikes and not often or consistently or anything, but it’s still kind of exciting. She sounded out the title of “Hop on Pop”…but what she came out with was “Hop on Poop”. (She laughed about that for like half an hour!) She is still having a good time writing her name a lot, and she likes to ask what everything says lately – all the signs, book covers, words on boxes, etc. She’s going to be a reader one day…

And probably a musician. :)

Singing with a very serious expression while wearing fairy wings and playing the ukulele, of course.