3 years, 7 months

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Sophie and Arlo color collaboratively. I love everything about this photo. :)

Sophie and Tavi, playing together!

Sophie and her 3 year old friends have suddenly had a major uptick in playing together (versus parallel play). The involved parents are pretty excited about it. It’s fun to watch! And drink coffee and have conversation while we watch!

Checking out the Eiffel Tower, in ice form, on Church Street during the winter festival

It has been a fairly cold and dreary month weather-wise, but we braved the cold to visit Church Street during the winter festival so we could see ice sculptures! Most of them weren’t out yet when we were there, but we got to see the Eiffel Tower outside of Leunig’s as you see here, plus a few more. There was ice skating and other fun stuff going on, but it was so freezing that we didn’t attempt any of that. Also, it was so cold that day that we sought shelter for a few minutes in Banana Republic. Sophie and Tavi played hide and seek there, with Tavi’s dad Brad as the hider. They were ecstatic about this, and Sophie is still asking to do it again sometime.

This is a blurry photo, but you can see the level of glee very clearly anyway!

We get to play with parachutes at open gym and at yoga class. This is one of Sophie’s favorite things right now.

This little girl and Sophie made friends during story time.

Sophie is interested in making new friends and is trying to figure out the intricacies of that. She expresses admiration for certain children but doesn’t always know how to connect with them. So we are practicing saying hello, and telling your name, and things like that. This little girl made it easy – she cozied right up to Sophie without actually invading her space during story time and asked how old she was and what her name was and they proceeded to hold hands. Pretty cute, yes?

Rocking out with her uke

Sophie likes to belt her favorite songs and play the ukulele along with them. She also chose this black rocker kid sweatshirt! I think it is quite cool. Right now she’s particularly enjoying Elizabeth Mitchell’s Little Bird CD, They Might Be Giants, and Jack Johnson. Oh, and the Muppets. So. Much. Muppet music. Thank goodness it’s generally awesome.

Sophie is painting a lot and creating slightly more representative art…or at least, is more able to explain to me what she’s thinking about as she paints or draws. She can write her name, sort of, and enjoys reading the word “zoo” and the phrase “I AM I” (and if it isn’t clear, she chooses Dr. Seuss books as her bedtime books a lot right now). She is playing with language a lot. She uses “yippo” or “yarbo” to mean “yes” and is using a lot of nonsense rhyming words. She is also still really into pretending to be a baby, when she isn’t pretending to be some fictional character. She is also still big into art. Here she is painting a picture in which the orange, she says, is “time passing on the bear’s clock”. Deep, huh?

Time Passing On The Bear's Clock

We have all been sick this week with colds, but are feeling fairly lucky to have only had this one real illness this winter so far (knock on wood!) Your faithful blog updater has a date with some hot water with lemon, honey, and ginger now. We hope you are all healthy!