3 and a half!

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How is this child three and a half already? I mean, really! Sophie’s year of being three is just flying by.

The past month has been a whirlwind of holiday fun, and that is mostly what I have photos of! Holiday fun! Here are a few of those, all from Christmas morning:

A rare family photo, in Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning revelry :)

Romper stomping in Christmas regalia!

There were also a couple of proper snows this month. Sophie had been waiting and waiting! She and Ryan went sledding, shoveled (she has her own mini snow shovel), and made a snow fort. Here she is walking around the yard with Ryan, singing “Winter Wonderland” so loudly I could hear her clearly in the house:

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

The other big news is that she had her cavity filled and it went pretty well! The mask thing I handled by just using her mask inhaler casually in front of her without comment a few times. She asked to play with it. I said “sure, if you want to” and tried not to look like I was looking as she put it on her face all on her own! We also played dentist, and she got to be the dentist and fill cavities in her stuffed friends’ teeth. We used the mask on their faces for a few seconds and made buzzing sounds. Arlo also gave her a book about the dentist where someone gets a filling, which was helpful too. When we sat down in the chair (she was on my lap for the whole thing), the hygenist asked if she wanted to know exactly what was going to happen. Sophie said, “Oh, I talked to Sarah about that already.” I said, “Let’s talk about it again!” And they did, and Sophie went into it all very calmly. She did cry and ask to go home at some point, and the dentist gave her novocaine thinking he was hurting her. That may have been the worst part – the whole way home she was sad on and off because her face didn’t work properly and it felt strange. She looked in the mirror while she was washing her hands when she got home and told Ryan “I am happy, but my smile is crooked!” But she doesn’t seem to remember the parts where she was very upset, perhaps the nitrous helped with that, or something. I asked her how she felt about the whole thing at the end of the day. She said “I did not like the parts I did not expect.” (She is referring to the numbness, they said they wouldn’t numb her so we didn’t properly prepare for that.) Overall, it seems like she will willingly enter the dentist’s office again. :) They handled everything very well and I am relieved it is done.

Oh, one last dentist related thing: she was talking about her experience there, and she said “I was so brave. Braver than…something else that is not brave at all.” So true.

Now that we’re not therapeutically engaging in play dentistry so much, Sophie’s favorite thing to play is Muppets. She is Miss Piggy, I am Rowlf, and Ryan is Kermit and/or John Denver. (!!) Kelly is Janice. When Sophie found out that Ryan’s brother Patrick would be staying with us for a while, she said “Well, now that he’s a muppet, we’ll have to figure out which one he will be.” The verdict? Fozzie Bear. Her album of the moment, over and over, is John Denver and the Muppets singing Christmas songs.

I inquired today what her favorite thing to do in the whole world was. Her immediate response: playgrounds. (She misses warm weather very much.) Next answers included going to Maine, helping snails get back in the water at the beach, stomping in puddles, eating snacks, and visiting friends. She also randomly supplied that starfish are her favorite because they are scratchy and beautiful. Scratchy, and beautiful!

Recently, Sophie asked me what minerals are. I did not have a good answer to her question, and I posted about it on Facebook. The other day, a letter arrived for Sophie from my friend Emma Ruby, who is a Scientist. Emma wrote her a whole detailed explanation of minerals, and Sophie got out the magnifying glass she got for Christmas and examined some salt and a rock, and it was very cool. Sophie previously knew of Emma as my friend who knows a lot about mushrooms (we asked her some mushroom questions in the fall, and she remembers that), now she is my friend Who Is A Scientist! And who wrote her a letter! Emma is so cool. :)

A couple of miscellaneous things Sophie has said:

“When animals act like people, that is anthropomorphic.” (We worked on this one after the concept came up in a conversation she had with Grandad about a book he was reading to her. Grandad said something like “bears don’t usually do that!” And Sophie said “But these are like….people bears.” So. :))

“Those Warblers are warbling up a storm!” Followed by some meta commentary: “Dad, you should put “those Warblers are warbling up a storm” on the list of words I have said.” (And so this one is here because she said it ought to be!)

She also likes to narrate everything, mostly when she is pretending to be someone else. It’s all “Miss Piggy sat down with a plop, then reached for her pile of books. She picked a book, opened it, and began to read.” (What do you suppose is going on right this very minute at my house?)

Here’s 30 seconds of her doing a little dance to her favorite music-of-the-moment:

Dancing from Sarah Freebern on Vimeo.

And that is a little bit of Sophie Florence at 3 and a half. We have a great time, with starfish and snow and muppets and warbling up a storm. :)

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