3 years, 5 months

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We have been so busy enjoying the heck out of the holiday season. See below:

The turkey hat: is your casual wear this exciting? I didn't think so.

(We made this turkey hat at story time with a librarian named Miss Meg, whom Sophie responds to with starstruck awe. In celebration of Thanksgiving and Miss Meg, Sophie wore this hat a LOT for a while.)

Decorating the tree...but I really only shared this photo because of the outfit Sophie chose. :)

We didn't get much snow, but Sophie made the most of it. She played on the deck for a long time with sand toys, and made snow angels.

The finished product!

Happy holidays. :)

We had our first snow of the season this month, though it was very minor. Sophie did not care how minor it was – the first little 1/2 inch we got, she was out on the deck in her snowsuit attempting to make snow angels. (She even kind of succeeded!) The second snow was more like an inch or so, and we went out to explore the yard and then she settled on the deck with some sand toys and played and played. The poor dear keeps waiting for more snow so she can help shovel and make a snowman and sled and all that stuff, but…still waiting.

This month, Sophie had her first real dentist appointment. (She had been to my dentist, who just let her sit in the chair and looked in her mouth, but had never really had a proper exam.) It went very well, except for one thing: she has a cavity! So she has her first filling next month. She seems unconcerned about it, but what she doesn’t know yet is that the nitrous is delivered with a mask…and she is terrified of masks. We are working on how to get through this with the least amount of trauma. Mister Rogers has a book about going to the dentist that prepared her very well, if only we had his help with a filling!

Regarding her teeth, Sophie says, “Some of my teeth think of themselves as a he. Some of my teeth think of themselves as a she, and some of them think of themselves as “they”. My child has a better concept of gender diversity than many adults, I am so proud. :) Even though we are talking about her teeth!

We’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music over here and Sophie has been learning Christmas songs left and right. She practiced her singing all through City Market the other day! Here is a video of her singing “Winter Wonderland” in the bath. There is just something particularly amusing about your three year old singing “love has no season, love has no clime” in a little warbling voice. ;)

Winter wonderland from Sarah Freebern on Vimeo.

Other Sophie quotes for your enjoyment:

The other night, I was out past Sophie’s bed time, and Ryan put her to bed. When she woke up with us in the morning, she turned to me and put her arms around me and said “I am so happy to spend the night with you! Were you lonely all alone out there?” My heart grew three sizes as I explained that I was not alone out there, but I did miss her and was glad to be with her too. :)

I didn’t take note of what “it” refers to here, but I believe it’s some sort of food: “It pretended my mouth was a sea, and it boated right down to my toes!”

Also regarding the lyric “Christmas isn’t Christmas without you”, she thought for a moment and then told me “the song is right. It isn’t Christmas without me!” Indeed.

Just now, to Ryan: “Let’s play snake snake! I’ll get some badgers.” This is a joke you only understand if you and the internet spend a lot of time together. The best of this, to me, is that she actually went and got two Playmobil badgers, and is singing “badger badger badger badger” right now.

We are looking forward to Christmas and hope you are all having fabulous holiday seasons. Now I need to finish up this quickie update and head back to the cookie-making!