3 years, 4 months

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Sophie spent a lot of time playing in the leaves this month!

No seriously, like a lot of time.

Helping us rake.

Trying out her new dress from Gramma Martha, also in the leaves:

Expansive posing. :)

She is extremely…vigorous! :)

Flying on a broom with an oven mitt, as you do.

It was Halloween, and Sophie was a UPS driver, again. The costume still fit, and she really wanted to wear it. She has the next several years of Halloween costumes all planned out: a witch, a ghost, a dog, and…me, are the costumes I can remember. In that order, I think. She says that when my clothes grow too small, she will wear them and pretend to be me for Halloween. Interesting, yes?

Halloween night, waiting for the other trick or treaters to be ready to roll.

She got in a lot of costumed fun in this year. We did trick or treating with friends on Halloween night, of course, but we also did the Church Street Halloween celebration downtown, where she got to wear her costume and see a lot of other people in costume, including her friend Tavi, who was a…wild cat martial artist! Also, she got to come to an event with me where people dressed up as witches and wizards, and she wore her witch costume that Gramma gave her. (Kelly wore it when she was 3!)

Witch Sophie!

Gramma also gave Sophie the gift of stand-up comedy, in the form of teaching her some jokes. Sophie has been perfecting her performance of them. Now she can add comedy to her aspirational juggling unicycle street performance routine!

There are some choice Sophie quotes this month:

To her small, newly carved pumpkin: “You’re with your mama who loves you always. This is your time of all times.”

Pointing at the pipes under the sink: “Look Mama! Fallopian tubes!”

Regarding the fire she and Jon made in Erin and Jon’s yard: “This fire has some hard magic.” (She was so proud to have helped build the fire. She talked a lot about how “Jonny will need my help again soon.” But when we started eating dinner around the fire, she said “I want to go inside so I can see my food.” :))

I am eternally behind in updating this blog – this tab has been open since last week! So I will wrap things up here and leave you with a couple of videos. I interviewed Sophie about her current favorite things, and she talked so much that I had to split the video into two parts to upload it. Don’t be scared, it’s only a total of like 2 minutes long!

Part one:

Part two:

And to send you out in a party mood, here are Sophie, Arlo, and Tavi having a dance party:

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  1. 1 Leah said at 2:22 pm on November 18th, 2012:

    I am so floored with how well she speaks. She sounds like a 20-year old. I forget what kids can do. I almost spit out my food when I saw “Fallopian tubes!”