3 years, 2 months

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“I have lots of love! I love things.”

And she does!

Labor Day weekend was really fun and sun-soaked and awesome.

Labor Day fun!

Some of those are not the best quality, so: we took a bike ride on the bike path in Burlington, we played in the water at North beach, went to the farmer’s market, played on multiple playgrounds, had a picnic with Kate and her boys and dinner and and campfire at Erin and Jon’s. We also saw a bike race in Burlington…and Sophie added bike racing to her list of Things She Chooses to Do. (The list: walking on stilts, juggling, bike racing, and “riding a cycle with only one wheel”.)

In August, Sophie’s friend Tavi joined the ranks of the 3 year olds, and he had his birthday party at Oakledge. It was super fun. Everyone ended up in the lake, the kids in their undies, and a total blast was had. I did not take any photos! Which is shocking. Luckily, Tavi’s dad Brad did, and so I can show you:

Partying in the lake! Photo credit goes to Brad, thanks Brad!

And one more:

Super grin of intense happiness and/or photo taking. Also Erin and Kai!

We went to every single Summervale this summer, and lo, It Was Good.

Everyone loves a good lens flare.

Sophie decided to get her face painted at the second-to-last Summervale, and she chose to be a tiger!

Sophie and I went to the Shelburne museum for the first time. The tickets are good for two consecutive days, so we went two mornings in the row because there is way too much to do in one morning.

On the way into Owl Cottage, the kids play space, where we walked through this flower-lined path and I am not kidding, hundreds of butterflies flew all around us like in a movie. It was really cool.

Sophie had never been on a carousel before. You can ride it as many times as you want!

Sophie's very first time on a carousel!

Here are the choicest (read: most written down) things Sophie has said this month:

“Daddy, I feel like you are giving me the nuts.” (Translation: you are driving me nuts.)

Regarding my Greek yogurt: “Is this from Earth?”

On falling asleep in the car: “I ran out of power.”

Sophie had her first session of little person soccer last week. She was so excited beforehand that she could hardly cope, and she played happily for the first 10 minutes…and then at some point, she got overwhelmed and kind of embarrassed about being overwhelmed and from there we sat on the sidelines and watched. This is in line with how she experiences many new things: she wants to observe without any pressure for a while, and at some point she will jump in. So we are going back tomorrow, and she will play or watch or whatever. (I am hoping that she feels comfortable, because she wants to feel comfortable! But if we sit and watch for an hour, that is okay.) She is pretty darn cute in shin guards kicking a soccer ball though, let me tell you. (Next time, I’ll show you. I have a photo, but it isn’t uploaded yet.)

PS: we just got back from an awesome trip to Portsmouth and Ogunquit with Gramma and Grandad, and those photos will be in the next post! I have like 300 to go through, you see.

There are a ton of photos at our Flickr, right this way!