3 years, 1 month!

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Has a month passed already? Yipes! It has been a full one.

Sophie is pretty proud of her new ability to "wink".

We just came back from a whirlwind trip to Montreal.

Ryan and Sophie and the view from Mont Royal

We also went camping! Only for a day, but next year we hope to go for longer. Sophie thought it was basically the best thing ever.

Cousin Stephanie presiding over swing festivities

She got to hold her cousin Braelyn!


We visited Shelburne Farms for the first time with Sophie’s friend Lucca and his mom.

Every Saturday, we go to the farmer’s market. We have even gone in the rain, and it is always fun. Most weeks, Sophie gets a popsicle from the berry farm stand and we go and listen to the music being played on the green. There is dancing:

Dancing at the farmer's market

She spends a lot of time "dashing!"

We also go to Summervale every week, though oddly, I have no pictures of that other than the ones I have taken on my phone. Now and then we still make it to Burger Night, too.

Smiling for the camera.

Sophie had her well-child appointment where we learned she is rocking the 3’s: 3 feet, 30 pounds, and 3 years old. :) She says “every foot of me is tall!” and that now she is probably big enough to learn some of the things she wants to learn, which include juggling, riding a unicycle (“a bicycle with only one wheel”), walking on stilts, and driving a train.

I apologize if you are someone who knows me in real life and has heard me repeat these at least 3 times, but…these are Sophie quotes that must be recorded for posterity! And also amusement!

“In fall, the apples will relent down to the earth.”

“I think Arlo needs to disperse some pee.”

“Pops, you’re pulling my leg!” (A direct quote taught to her by Gramma and Grandad and pulled out to great comic effect weeks later.)

Happy summer to all of you! See you next month, a bit before the apples relent but probably not by much. ;)