2 years, 11 months!

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3 years old, here we come!

Using her toolbox to "fix" her bike

The headline news this month is that Sophie is using the potty now, and wearing underwear instead of diapers. I will try to keep the toilet talk brief, but I’m going to spend a moment on it so if this is not your thing, skip to the next paragraph. ;) Sophie had been peeing on the potty whenever she was naked for months, but was expressing emotional unreadiness for taking the plunge into doing it full-time. I let it be for a few months and then we started talking about how soon, she would learn to use the toilet all the time and wear undies instead of diapers. I told her we would wait for a warm week and then start that process, and that is what we did. When I told her the day had come to start learning, she said “Or I could just….not do that.” She basically expressed that it seemed like a lot of work to use the toilet and she wasn’t really into it, and I sympathized with that but told her it would get easier very soon. We talked for a while, and after that conversation she just sort of…started doing it! She has had a few small accidents, but it has been weeks and all is going smoothly. Well, almost all – it turns out pooing on the toilet is extremely terrifying to her, so for now, she can ask for a diaper when she needs to poo and then get changed back into undies. That is working out just fine. She even wakes in the night to pee sometimes, and though we are still putting her in training pants to sleep she almost always wakes up totally dry. So…basically the easiest process ever, barring the poo issue. As a result of learning to use the toilet, she generally corrects me if I call her “baby” and says she is a big girl. :)

Sophie and Eleanor, enjoying music and popsicles.

Sophie is enjoying all the awesomeness of summer, including berry farm popsicles at the farmer’s market with her cousin. ;) We have been hiking, biking, swimming, playing at the playground, and all of those good things. We have also started going to Burger Night some Fridays. Burger night is at Bread and Butter Farm, and it is what it sounds like: they sell salads and burgers and hot dogs made from their grass-fed animals (black bean ones for us!), we have a picnic on the farm with other families and run around in the grass. Sophie dances to the live music. It is a pleasant way to spend a Friday evening.

Sophie and her friend Arlo, having a nice lounge.

Peering at the farm cat...she even worked up to petting it!

We went to visit Gramma and Grandad this month, too, which is always a highlight. We also got to visit Gramma Martha, Grampa, Emma and David when we helped Emma move. Lots of quality grandparent time was had!

Sophie and Adele enjoying some sandbox time with Gramma

I have now left this post half-written for far too long and she’s going to be three by the time I post it, so I’m going to wrap up here and leave you with a few Sophie quotes of the month:

Upon being asked to stop lapping up her peas like a dog, Sophie replied “I had grown tired of using the spoon, so I began to lick.”

She had just woken up from nap and I came in to get her. She was sitting up in bed and she said “I felt my bed singing to me about the video where you say “I love you Sophie””. Another time in the same situation she said “I was thinking about fires creeping and flowers growing and trees waving.” Those are some intensely trippy dreams!

She spells her first name now, and one day she tried to spell her middle name. She said “S-O-P-H-I-E Florence…and…the machine!”

“Is this a forest made of trees?”

When she is grown up: “I will be a train driver and there will be people in each seat, and they will say “oooh, such buildings!” (This one was expressed with such wistfulness and excitement that I seriously almost cried, it was so sweet.)

Sophie's new hobby is collecting clover flowers. She picks them whenever I give her a chance to plop down in the grass. She and Arlo like to give them to people to make them happy.