2 years, 10 months

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I have kind of a lot of photos, so we may be relying on the whole picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words idea for this post.

We went to Mayfest, which is a celebration of spring that takes place at the local Waldorf school each year. This was our first time attending, and we had a really good time even though the weather was not very May-like. Here are a few shots of Mayfest:

Digging in the sandpit

First pony ride!

You can see Eleanor and Sophie in the far part of the May pole circle, walking with their ribbons. They did not quite get up to dancing speed, but it was still kind of neat.

This month we got a surprise package in the mail from our friend Barb, back in upstate New York. She made several very cool knitted crowns for Sophie and her friends to play with! They come in all different sizes so the adults can play too. Sophie likes to wear them around her neck in layers, so they are very multi-purpose! We brought them to Tavi’s house one day when we went to play. Good times were had, photographic evidence below (and more at our Flickr account). Thank you so much, Barb. :)

Sophie, Erin, and Tavi wearing crowns (upside down?)

Sophie's friend Tavi, rocking out with a crown on

The day the crowns arrived, Sophie began layering experiments.

Sophie likes to have pretend meals with her toy friends. As I write this, she is on the deck with Ryan, having a “fried birthday cake tea party”.

I have been finding set-ups like this everywhere in the past couple of weeks. Last night, Paul (the baby doll) was set up with a sand castle mold filled with popcorn in front of him.

She also enjoys “gardening” by which I mean digging in dirt and watering plants. Here she is doing some gardening with Kai:

Sophie and Kai playing in the dirt at Kai's house

Miscellaneous cuteness:

This probably only ranks as Super Sweet to me, as her mother, but: these are the contents of Sophie's sweatshirt pocket. She collects dandelions, and the paper is a "list" she made. She put it in her sweatshirt pocket just like I do when I grocery shop. :)

Ryan had a birthday in April, and we had a party to celebrate. Sophie was very excited about it and she really wanted to wear a party hat…so Erin made her one! She started a trend – everyone at the party had a hat on for some or all of the evening.

Ryan and Sophie, celebrating Ryan's birthday in some party hats!

It has been cold and rainy a lot, but we have had some nice days. On one of the hot ones, Sophie and I went to Oakledge Park on a whim and played on the beach. She had a completely fabulous time. I did too. She threw stones and sticks into the water, hunted for tiny shells, dug, and even attempted a sand castle. The water was freezing cold, but she waded in quite a bit anyway. That was one of those afternoons when I felt an extra dose of happiness that this is my job.

Sophie and I went to the beach, and it was awesome.

Since I am posting this on Mother’s Day, I will pause to say that I feel very, very lucky and proud, every day, to be this little person’s mama. And to all the parents in my life: solidarity, love, and happy Mother’s Day to all of you. <3