2 years, 9 months

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Sophie’s new bed is finally here, assembled, and being slept in (as we speak, in fact!)

Sophie is very pleased with her new bed...as you can see.

It’s so comfortable! I have napped in it with her once or twice myself. Sophie loves her new bed and sleeps very well in it. In fact, after we came home from Gramma and Grandad’s for Easter, she slept there the entire night! That has never happened before. (Which is fine – we are all happy with co-sleeping most of the night and she normally sleeps quite well. But it’s still a New Thing That Happened!) We missed her, and it felt very strange…when we woke up at 4am and she still hadn’t woken, we totally had to go check on her. But I am glad she feels so secure and comfortable there! And look how cute. ;)

Yes, it's a cell phone photo, but I think it does a good job of capturing her mightiness as well!

Doing tricks

At 2 years and 9 months, Sophie’s passions include running, climbing, and doing “tricks” which generally involve hanging from things or jumping off of things. She prides herself on climbing the ladders and the “spider web” thing at the playgrounds, balancing on the logs at Smalley Park, doing “spider pose” (a yoga inversion, feet up the wall and hands on the floor, facing the floor), and so on. She loves to dance to her to favorite music. She does her “elbow dance”, “the dance I’ve never done before”, and “whipping my hair like cream”.

Here’s a few seconds of her dancing to the Vermont Joy Parade’s musical performance on Church Street:

And here she is singing one of her current favorite songs, Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. I think this video is probably best appreciated if you know the song, but even if you don’t, the use of almost entirely phonetic lyrics is pretty cute.

Okay and one more video, because I am so proud – in which Sophie demonstrates and “explains” displacement (like, with water):

Displacement is a kind of thing.

More experiments with water fun:

Sophie, Arlo and Tavi - each within a month of each other in terms of age, and within a pound, too. They are the same size! It is so cute!

Sophie and Lucca during the 80-degree week, playing with the water table, in matching brown shorts. They also helped wash the dog, but I have no worthwhile shots of that. Sadly.

Sophie’s other burning interests of the moment include Play Dough, rubber stamps, popsicles (let me tell you, popsicles are huge with her peer group at the moment, it’s like the hot new trend), audio books, and babies. My friend Kate just had a new baby, and Sophie likes to pretend to be Kate and carry around and nurse her baby, Griffin. She also got a baby doll of her heart’s desire a while back, and she plays with him a lot. Small children are terrible mothers, however – Paul is currently asleep without any pants or diaper next to the laundry basket in her room, and has been since yesterday. ;)

Practice for being a deeply intellectual teenage music fan?

Lastly, we had a very nice Easter at Gramma and Grandad’s house in New York. There was egg hunting! And brunch! And lots of play time with cousins and grandparents. It was great. I did not actually get photos of the holiday-centric activities because I was busy watching the fun, but trust me, much fun was had! Gramma Martha and Grampa also came to visit just before Easter, which was also quite exciting!

As I had better go ahead and post this before Sophie turns 3, I will close with some Sophieisms of the month:

“My arms stretch BIG and WIDE, like a uterus!” (She also told us her diaper was full and round like a baby uterus.)

On seeing a squirrel at the park: “Oh look Mama, a hedge hunk!”

When Ryan told her she could not have any more chocolate that evening: “Dad, how could you do this to me?” (Thanks to “Max’s Chocolate Chicken”, wherein Ruby asks the same of Max. :P)

In my morning wakeup call from Sophie: “Hi. Would you like to go to the haberdashery?”

A very happy Sophie, who had been playing in the sand with Gramma.

We wish you all the popsicles and playgrounds you can handle. Thanks for reading!