2 years, 8 months

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New hat, favorite shirt, cuteness.

Spring is springing! You know, like, way earlier than it is supposed to! Except from perhaps a global climate change perspective, we are not complaining. :)

It means we get to do things like this:

Sophie driving the playground equipment to Somewhere

And this!

And even this (note the lack of a coat!):

Super fun times.

This month, Ryan went to SXSW, and was gone for 6 days. That is the longest we’ve ever been apart, and we missed him a lot. That said, it went very well! Ryan had a great time and did a lot of interesting things in Austin, and Sophie and I had a lot of fun and saw many, many people.

My sisters came over for a sleepover. Sophie enjoyed waking up in the morning and lounging with them, and she learned about Angry Birds by playing with Raina’s phone. ;)

Slumber party: morning edition

We went to Kai’s first birthday party, which was very fun. It was a beautiful day so we got to play outdoors with Eleanor and some other kids, then Sophie had a great time playing with Kai’s toys all afternoon. Kai’s mama even made the birthday cupcakes safe for Sophie! (We love you, Erin!)

Here is the sweet birthday boy with his sweet birthday dad:

Shiny happy birthday boys.

And here is Sophie in a party hat! Forgive my cell phone photography, here.

Sophie was very impressed by the party hats, though she didn't want to leave one on for more than 10 seconds at a time.

We managed to actually see Tavi (every other week one of us is sick, it’s a thing), and the kids got their art on:

Artists at work, making faces

Aunt Linda and Uncle Ed came to visit too, which I have no photos of, foolishly. But we had a very nice time! They had never been to our house, so first they visited and toured (heh) and then we met downtown to hang out some more. Gramma Martha and Grampa also visited and brought Sophie a lifetime supply of rubber stamps. She has been stamping like it’s her job!

We also did some playgrounding and some librarying and some going to American Flatbread. We packed a ton of fun into those 6 days!

Some Sophieisms from this month:

Sophie likes to call me on the phone’s intercom to wake me up in the morning. One day she called and said “Hi. Would you like to go to the haberdashery?”

She has been enjoying the book “13 Words” by Lemony Snicket, which is where “haberdashery” came from. In that book, someone uses the word panache and another character says “what is that, feathers? “The other day Sophie asked how various people were related to us. When I said Kelly was my sister-in-law, she said “What is that, feathers?”

“We could do some muffin-ing” – she wants to bake muffins today, of course!

“I want to do it my own” is still the way she tells us she wants to do it herself. I don’t know if I have mentioned it here or not, but she says it all the time. I am sure she has said other things worth noting this month, but I am not so great about writing them down so I don’t remember. :(

Sophie is obsessed with playing about Ponyo. She has personified her water bottle as Ponyo to the point where she is uncomfortable drinking from it. She also got a new and long-coveted baby doll this month, named Paul. Paul meets her qualifications for ideal baby doll status: he has “winky eyes, and wooden (read: plastic) arms and legs”.

We have all the pieces of Sophie’s new bed except the mattress, which, after several snags in delivery, is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. So hopefully our next blog post will involve photos of her in a big kid bed! Also, this month marks the last class in her tots yoga series – the end of an era for us! Susan has been teaching Sophie’s yoga classes since she was 10 months old. Next month, she will have started a new series for 2-4 year olds, at the same studio, but with a new teacher. She is ready for this change, as she has been trying to run Susan’s class lately.

Lastly, check out the adorableness of pigtailed Sophie:

Happy early spring, everybody!