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Sophie Strong to the rescue! Cape flying in the breeze!

This is Sophie Strong! Before bed, Sophie and I read a couple of meditations of her choice from a sweet little book of children’s meditations that our friend Erin gave us. One of the meditations is called Kid Strong, insert-kid’s-name-here. Sophie loves that one and chooses it often. Lately, her favorite meditation choices involve helping and doing good. She likes to think about being very strong, helping sick or hurt people and animals, and taking care of plants.

So, how old was Sophie when I started saying “she was sick a lot!” in every blog post? Does it feel like forever to you? IT DOES TO ME. However, it’s letting up this month – she only had a mystery fever and then later a little cold! And possibly one other thing I have forgotten! That’s progress! Sort of.

Doctor Sophie is in the house! Or the box. You know. She's listening to her doll's breathing and then administering nebulizer treatments.

We are getting a bit tired of the winter-that-wasn’t, here. It has snowed approximately twice, and usually just a teensy bit. Sophie was sick for most of the time that there was snow on the ground. So, very little winter fun has taken place. Meanwhile, Sophie has been asking about swimming, picnics, playing in the grass, visiting the ECHO deck to look at the water, blueberries, ice cream cones, the beach… it’s a little bit depressing to be constantly explaining that all those nice things are warm weather things and we’ll have to wait! The weather feels like it is constantly verging on spring, but we expect to be stuck in that limbo for quite a while. However, there is still fun to be had, between illnesses! We have visited ECHO, gone swimming in an indoor pool with Meg, Eleanor, and Adele, visited the play gym, and visited friends. Still, it will be really nice to play on the playground without freezing hands again…

Sophie very gingerly lowers herself in the foam pit, and then greatly enjoys pulling herself out with the rope (and considerable help from me)

Sophie and Daddy on a night walk up Church Street. It's fun at night with all its lights!

Also fun: Ish came to visit! We love Ish. He came from Florida, and while he was there he picked interesting tropical fruit and brought it to us. One evening, we tasted them all. I call it Tropical Fruit Fest:

Ish cuts various tropical fruits, Sophie eagerly watches

In other news, Sophie is growing (she says “My body is growing eeevery day!”), looking forward to getting a bed to replace her crib (coming soon!) and becoming a pretty great muffin baker (she and Ryan have been perfecting their recipe). She’s into “Madeline” and “Lon Po Po” and “Bats at the Library” right now, and she just watched the movie Ponyo for the first time and loved it (I did too). Her favorite music is still “Pumped Up Kicks” and “the quiet music” (“Night of Hunters” by Tori Amos). She loves reading with the “magic wand” her Gramma gave her (it has recordings of Gramma reading books!) and making cookies with the felt cookie set given to her by her Gramma Martha. She has a typical small child’s interest in playing the same things over and over and over (as I type, she is asking her dad to make her doll cry so she can comfort her – a common…no, a RELENTLESS theme in her play right now).

I also think her emotional intelligence is really interesting. The other day, we were cranky with each other for a moment before nap – she yelled at me and I used an impatient tone with her. She cried and told me “You are not treating me nicely! And I yelled at you and that made you sad and now I feel sad!” So I told her I was sorry for my tone, and that I knew she only yelled because she was tired and frustrated and everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and we just take care of each other when that happens. She said “You made a mistake and I did too!” Indeed. It was a sad conversation, but I thought it was pretty cool, too.

Since Sophie and I have been looking at some old videos of her recently, I will leave you with this video of Sophie about a year ago, reciting one of her favorite little board books at the time. What a change happens in a year!

Translation: “Up, down, up in the sky (swing low), swing high, bumpity bumpity hold on tight! Hush little baby say goodnight!”

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