2 and a half!

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Sophie is 2 and a half! When she was about 2, I looked at the 2 and a half year olds in her yoga class and thought they seemed so much more grown up. The other moms told me a lot happens between 2 and 2 and a half, and they were right.

She’s so mature these days:

And with such mature tastes!

But seriously, I can’t believe we’re halfway through 2 already. I know this sounds trite, but honestly: for her first year, everything felt so slow, and since then it has just been speeding up all the time. It goes so fast, now! You still won’t ever catch me telling a new mother to “cherish every moment” because I know how hollow that can feel when you’re stressed and so tired you can’t think, but…I tell myself, now, and I mostly really do cherish her all the time. Her childhood feels so fleeting and we just enjoy her so much.

Ryan had an extra day off around New Years, so we all went to Echo together.

The part we are all not enjoying so much is that she is sick a lot. Or at least, she has been since basically Thanksgiving. This may be related to the fact that she takes a daily inhaled steroid now to control her asthma – which works well, but also supresses immune response somewhat. It might also be a random string of bad luck. But it is sad to have her sick so often, and she’s become kind of hyper-aware of medical stuff. On the maybe-bright side, she is now extremely comfortable at the doctor’s office! Sophie and I are both sick right now, and you can blame the lateness of this post on that. This cold? Not fun.

At 2 and a half, Sophie is big into pretending. A lot of her pretend games are based on books and movies. (Her knowledge of movies has expanded somewhat during this time of constant illness.) She flies on her broom, calls herself Mae or Kiki or Little Bear (and her dad Satsuki or Tombo or Papa Bear and me Catbus or Mama Bear). She also likes to pretend that she lives in our closet, and has literally told someone that her home is a closet in my bedroom. (Oh dear.)

She also likes to pretend to be a mama and take care of babies. (Sometimes those babies are her fingers, or a block, or other random objects.) Since her friend Arlo’s mom is quite pregnant, she is thinking about pregnancy lately and says she has a baby in her uterus. She likes to invite me to feel it moving in there. As a big fan of nursing, she also likes to nurse her babies:

Nursing a baby doll, with a Serious Business facial expression

We had a fantastic, cozy Christmas with Sophie’s grandparents in New York. We stayed with Ryan’s parents and saw mine on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. She had such a good time and misses them all so much. In fact, she has seemingly just come into a solid understanding of missing people, and it is heart-breaking! Sometimes she is quite ardent! So she was very pleased when Gramma and Grandad came to visit recently:

Gramma and Sophie, playing with the new dollhouse Sophie got for Christmas.

I am sure there is more to say about 2 and a half year old Sophie, but I have taken far too long to make this post in the first place, and this cold is attacking my brain! So I’ll save it for next time. Happy 2.5 to Sophie!

12 months of Sophie

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Sophie pretending to be Kiki, of Kiki's Delivery Service. This is basically her favorite thing to do right now and she spends many hours delivering refrigerator magnets to her dollhouse and "flying fast because it's raining."

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