2 years, 4 months

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I’m a bit late to post this, but hello and welcome to 2 and a third!

Wearing the frog headband, backwards, laying in our bed.

Sophie is quite imaginative, with her frog eyes and her plumbing, making imaginary mushroom soup and seeing dragons now and then…you know, typical two-year-old imaginings. ;)

Sophie enjoys fixing her sink, something she learned from our real-life plumbing problems.

She loves to take her wrench and her screwdriver and fix her sink, just like daddy did a while back. Now and then she pretends to go to the store with her bucket for more “stinkin’ things.” (I feel like I have written about this before, but couldn’t actually find it here – perhaps it’s just that I’ve talked about it a lot. I am amused by and proud of my little plumber!)

Big smiles, big yogurt enjoyment

Sophie’s third Halloween experience was a great success. For the first time, she understood and anticipated “Christmas-treating”, though I had to convince her to actually leave the house since she was sick the morning of Halloween. But after nap and a viewing of My Neighbor Totoro, she felt better – and I’m so glad we went, I had as much fun as she did.

The costume:

Sophie the UPS driver

The cousins:

Sophers and Eleanor, UPS driver and acrobat

The crew:

Photo shamelessly cribbed from Brad. Thanks, Brad!

We went Christmas-treating in a neighborhood near Ryan’s office and our old apartment, where there are a lot of families who get very into Halloween. It was also a beautiful night for it – warm enough that Sophie didn’t need a coat. Awesome!

We had a visitor this month – Kelly’s friend Ish. You’ll find him in the Halloween shot, perhaps, dressed as a very convincing pirate! Sophie loved having Ish here. He was good at playing and reading books.

We miss you, Ish!

We all wore hats to the last Burlington farmer's market of the year, deeming it Haturday.

A Sophie quote, the only one I managed to remember:

Ryan and Sophie were playing with the Playmobil house. The people were having dinner, and Sophie gave them a toy Jeep to eat. Ryan said something about Jeeps not being food, and Sophie responded with “Daddy, Jeeps are food because they are plastic people.” INDEED.

This month we have been sick a lot, struggled with some new 2 year old behaviors, and lost some sleep due to stinking daylight savings time (Sophie was sleeping until 6:30 before the time change – now she has a tendency to wake up at 5:30, we’re still working on correcting for it). But it’s okay – all of that stuff is going to get better eventually, and meanwhile I have a kid who does things like this:

More at Flickr as always, including a bigger version of the Goober Peas video and the other parts of the song (accidentally taken in 3 parts due to Sophie’s lack of co-operation and my lack of ability to not touch the “record” button at the wrong times). :)

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