Bonus update: apple picking photos!

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As promised, apple picking photos.

Allow me to set the scene.

First apple pick of the year!

Sophie and Eleanor

Eleanor, proffering an apple

Sophie, Shawn and Meg.

I had to include this one too, because look how hard Sophie is posing right there! I cracked up.

The kids weren't the only ones who got to enjoy tree climbing! The view from up there was pretty awesome.

Adele sampling our harvest, with Ryan

Jon, considering which apple to pick next. ;)

Erin, also at the top of the tree!

Kai, who appears to be saying hi!

Sophie enjoyed lounging in the long grass at the orchard while we waited for our friends.

And one from the bonus orchard trip I took with Sophie, this time to Chapin Orchard, where we picked a half peck of apples, visited the chickens and bunny, and bought a carving pumpkin and a piece of maple candy (her first!)

Pumpkins and a pumpkin!

If you are not worn out from that picspam madness, there are yet more apple orchard photos right this way:

Happy fall!

2 years, 3 months

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“The boat will get wet, but not we!” That is what Sophie said about going on a cruise around the lake, once I explained to her that she did not need her swim diaper for the trip.

We went on a cruise around the lake and Sophie loved it. She also loves playing with her dad. :)

Here are some other choice Sophie quotes from this month:

“I have a spice problem, I need cheese to make it better.”

“That’s my daddy-o, right there. He’s working on his nails!” (Nails, in this case, refers to the anti-slip things he was putting on the bottoms of our chairs.)

Regarding her morning toast: “It will be crunchy! And the honey will be so buttery and sweet.”

“Gramma is going to come visit me and she is going to play with little people on blocks! and Gramma and Grandad and Daddy are going to sit on the couch and talk with their conversation.”

On Halloween: “For Christmastreat I will have a pumpkin on my head.”

I have been writing these things down more often, you see. :)

Sophie is very interested in music right now. She has many favorite songs, and she is learning the words to a lot of them (or the Sophie version of the words, sometimes an important distinction). She often asks me to put on music for her, and then she either dances around the living room or sits down on the couch and just lets the music wash over her. Sometimes she likes to get as close as possible to the source of the sound. The other day, she took her little red stool, opened the top so that it looked like a chair, and sat right down in front of the stereo.

At one point, she scootched her "chair" so close to the stereo that she needed help to get in and out of her seat.

She has a couple of playlists of her own now that we play frequently. A few of her favorite songs of the moment:

“Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People (#1 favorite hands-down, which is slightly awkward since it’s about a homicidal teenager! But the vocals are very distorted in the verses and her interpretation of the chorus is innocent, going something like “all the other kids and a pumped up kicks butta rum butta rum, a wa ma ga”)

“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles (yellow Sophareen, she says!), with “Octopus’ Garden” as a runner-up

Most of the songs the Warblers (of Glee) sing

“Little Boxes”, originally by Malvina Reynolds…but we couldn’t find the original so we have a Ruth Notman cover, courtesy of Weeds.

“All Is Love” by Karen O and the Kids (when it comes on, she’s all “Mama, this is Karen-o and the kids!”)

“I’m Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” by The Black Kids (“dance, dance, dance, dance!”, she says.)

And this is quickly becoming a list-based post!

Dancing and singing

In addition to music appreciation, Sophie is really into playing with Daddy right now. Like, playing with me is good and everything, but I’m pretty sure playing with Dad is her favorite thing in the world at the moment. As I type this, she is playing that she is fixing her kitchen set’s sink, and her dad is handing her the tools she requests. She had to go to the store for “more stinkin’ things” a few times, too – can you tell that Sophie has recently had some real-life experience with plumbing repairs?

They also built a fort together:

Epic fort-itude.

Ryan took Sophie for a bike ride yesterday, and after talking about how beautiful everything was, he commented to her that she is a very lucky girl to live in the best place in the world. She said “Yes, the playground!”

For a long time now, Sophie has been “reading” to herself a lot. We read to her a lot too, as evidenced by the fact that about half of her “reading” is memorized books – she does “Where The Wild Things Are” and “The Lorax” from memory all the time lately. But she’s also into making up stories now, usually only in books she is not familiar with (because once she knows the story, it’s sacrilege to make up a different one to go with that book, see.) One day I wrote down what she was saying as she made up a story, to the best of my ability, and I will now record it here for posterity and your amusement:

“One day there was a great cloud of smoke over the flowers and the babies’ heads. Then she remembered her mama, and mama picked her up and put her a hug. And then she nursed and felt better.”

“There was a big sound. It was a daisy. It was daisies growing. When she went out she saw a big duck! She was scared, but then she was not scared. Then she woke up.”

” When the very nice? bird stopped flying, she went home and she was not sad. Before the yellow bird stopped, she went in a circle and say “Bah, it’s Kelly!” Then she said “Gawk!” and “Gawk again!” Then she flew away.”

“You’re a man,” said the seagull.

There were all related to the book “Bird Children”.

This month, my friend Erin gifted Sophie with a book that she remembers fondly from her childhood: Sweet Dreams for Little Ones, by Michael G. Pappas. It’s a book of visualizations for children, helping to calm them and designed to give them warm fuzzy feelings to fall asleep to. Sophie loves this book and we’ve been doing a visualization or two each night before bed. I’ve also recited her favorite ones in the night a couple of times when she couldn’t sleep. It really helps, and gives us another tool to use when she has insomnia or nightmares. It’s sweet and amazing, and we are very grateful to Erin for introducing it to us. :) Also, one of the visualizations invokes the child’s “special place”, and when I asked Sophie where her special place would be, she said “the playground”. The playground: best, most special place on Earth!

Another means of relaxing: reading while getting a foot rub from her dad.

She's caught on that Ryan sometimes rubs my feet for me, and now she asks him "Squeeze my toes like you squeeze mama's toes, please?" :)

She’s into beads-and-string right now, though she’s also into beads on fingers in the classic black olive style.

Her beads even co-ordinate with her outfit!

Sophie was sick for a couple of days this week, and she was very angry about it. She’s mostly healed, except for the lingering gross cough aspect. Here is a photo of my poor sick baby, with her “backpack” (hot pack) in her lap, her doctor’s orders water supply and ladybug cup full of tea, and her trusty Dogbear. She is watching a movie, a special thing she gets to do when she or I are sick – “My Neighbor Totoro”, a favorite of both of ours.

We taught her the word "convalescing". ;)

And we also went apple picking a few days ago, but that was such a photogenic experience that it probably deserves its own post…and your eyeballs are probably tired at this point from reading this one. See you soon with apple-y goodness!