2 years, 2 months

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Sophie Florence, folks!

We have been having a super fun summer, and Sophie is a super fun kid.

One of the fun things we did a lot in the past month (all summer, really) was Summervale. Every Thursday night, we went to the Intervale (Burlington’s farm land in the middle of the city, basically) for a picnic dinner, live music, and socializing. There was a sprinkler for the kids to play in, and Sophie ran around and danced until dark. We drank blueberry beer and enjoyed being among our people (seriously, the Summervale crowd is totally our crowd),

A rare family photo, taken by our friendly picnic-blanket neighbor at Summervale.

Sophie, partying long into the...evening at Summervale.

Trying on sunglasses, again!

Sophie’s friend Tavi had a birthday this month. Now he’s 2, too!

Party timez!

Happy birthday, Tavi!

Tavi’s birthday was also the day that Irene hit, and by the next day Vermont had a disaster on its hands. We took Sophie out for a walk in the morning to survey the damage done to our town, and, well, it looked a little bit like this:

So uh, that river you see at Ryan's feet is usually Bridge Street.

All of us Vermont Freeberns were fine and our homes were dry. We didn’t have usable water for a week, which was inconvenient, but we felt pretty lucky. As you can gather from that photo, many in our town did not fare so well. There are many more photos of the flooding at our Flickr, should you be curious.

This month, Sophie has adopted a teddy bear. She carries him with her everywhere – this is really the first time she’s ever done that sort of thing. He’s a beanie baby bear, but she says he’s a dog. A dog named Teddy Bear. But mostly she calls him Dog. Yes, it’s confusing, but cute. :)

Sophie with Dog on a day trip to Middlebury

Dog was given to us by the phlebotomist who drew Sophie’s blood (grown-up style, with a tourniquet and everything!) for allergy testing. Bad news there: she tests “very positive” for eggs and peanuts still, mildly positive for almonds. This means another year, at least, of an egg-free, nut-free diet. I am bummed about this for obvious reasons, and especially worried that she will live with this for the rest of her life. It’s scary, and besides that – I want her to be able to enjoy pad thai! She may still outgrow her allergies though, so there’s hope. Keep fingers crossed for us, please!

Despite the food allergy situation, there’s still plenty of exciting food for her to try:

Sophie's first time successfully eating an artichoke - an important milestone in a young girl's life.

We went to (upstate) NY to visit the grandparents, where we celebrated Eleanor’s 5th birthday, and Benjamin’s 6th. I have no good pictures of their birthday celebrations, but I do have photos of the fairy houses we built with Gramma and a bunch of cousins:

Fairy houses at Gramma's house, complete with Bear/Dog in the waistband (thanks, Uncle Shawn :))

A shining example of fairy houserie, made by Meg.

Sophie enjoyed “watching Eleanor open presents and we clap and say what a wonderful present!” She feels like everyone’s birthday is a little bit hers because she gets to eat cake.

It’s really fun having a 2 year old Sophie.