2 years, 1 month

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Did the last month happen in about 30 seconds, or is it just me?

We have been very busy having summery fun lately. I feel I hardly have a moment to spare, what with all the things to do! We are enjoying berry picking, farmer’s markets, swimming lessons, the playground, walking downtown, eating ice cream (it’s called a cremee here, and don’t you forget it), and the Intervale’s weekly summer celebration, Summervale. We have done plenty of outdoor dinners and kiddie pool times, and Sophie and Ryan get out on the bike fairly often, too. I love the summer, and so does Sophie.

In terms of new developments, things are subtle this month. Sophie’s language took another leap in the past week, in a way that is hard to describe if you don’t listen to her talk regularly, but is quite noticeable to me. She’s expressing things and understanding things I didn’t know she could….probably because until recently, she couldn’t. She’s also making progress on the potty front: when she is pantsless (“free!”), she will notice that she has to pee and go pee on her potty 100% of the time. She tells me she is not ready to be out of diapers yet, however. When asked about wearing underwear and etc., she says “I just need diapers Mama, just diapers right now.” She is young yet so we aren’t pressing the issue, and I think she is very capable of indicating her readiness. That said, I will probably encourage a super-fun experiment in the not-too-distant future involving wearing undies for a little bit and practicing putting them on and taking them off, because that is a significant stumbling block towards being physically ready to do this. In the meantime, perhaps the emotional readiness will come along. It’s great to see that from a physiological perspective, she’s doing fabulously, recognizing signs and heading to the potty in time, every time.

You’ll be shocked to hear that I did not take very many pictures this month, other than for the Boston trip. However, we’ve been berry picking several times with Sophie’s friend Tavi’s family, and luckily, Brad had his camera. So here we go:

Tavi and Sophie exchange blueberries (thanks to Brad for the berry-related photos!)

Sophie, blueberrying @ Adam's Berry Farm in the Intervale

And here is Sophie singing along with “Chicken Soup With Rice” by Maurice Sendak.

Happy summer!