Sophie is 2!

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As I was rocking Sophie to sleep the night before her birthday, I said to her “Tomorrow is your birthday, and you will be 2 years old. That means that two years ago, you were born and we were together for the first time. Isn’t that amazing?” She said “mmm hmmm”, because she was nursing and because she could see that I thought it was pretty amazing, and she smiled at me and patted my arm.

Our baby is two years old, and I’m a bit verklempt about it but in all the best, happiest ways. I am so proud of her and so glad that we get to be her parents, and I am enjoying watching her grow and learn and change. There is a line in a book she has, “A Baby Blessing”, that says something about helping and watching as a small child’s “fragile mystery blooms into radiant self” – and that feels very true when I think about her growing up. She is part fragile mystery, but blooming very brightly into her own radiant self.

One of Sophie's favorite books of the moment is Skippy Jon Jones: Lost in Spice. There is an accompanying CD, and Sophie dances when the aliens sing.

Here at the beginning of being a 2 year old, Sophie is very joyful. She is so excited to do whatever it is we do each day – from errands like grocery shopping (“City Market! I found it!”) to actual fun things, like swimming (best thing ever right now?) or the library (“I read books, do puzzles!”) or seeing friends. Yesterday I gave her some licorice, and she said “special licorice just for me!” When we do a new thing she enjoys, she talks about it over and over for days. She is just so thrilled by life in general. That is not to say she is always overjoyed – she still has her lifelong tendency towards intense frustration, especially about not being able to do things independently. This is, of course, very typical of people in her age group – but I think Sophie has always felt particularly strongly about this issue. (Her pediatrician has always said that Sophie hated being an infant, and I think there’s definitely something to that idea.) She often breaks down over not being able to do something on her own. The other day, she wanted to help me with a cooking task, and I helped her to do it with me. But when she tried to do it on her own, she couldn’t, and she broke down in very sad tears and said “Mama, I can’t do it, I have to be a bigger girl! I can’t do it!” I felt really bad for her. She was heartbroken!

In less sad, but somewhat related news: she asks me often when she can learn to drive the car. She tells me she would turn the wheel around and around.

Two-year-old Sophie is an adventurer and an explorer. She likes to wander around our yard with a walking stick, looking like a little gnome or a hobbit or something. She was thrilled to find moss with Kelly Jean and feel it with her bare feet. She likes to pet slugs, explore our plants looking for praying mantises, and watch ants walk around the sidewalk. She listens to everything she hears and observes everyone closely.

She’s also spending a lot more time on imaginative play. She got a kitchen set for her birthday and she makes us lots of food, and she drives her little bike thing around and pretends to wait at red lights and park in a parking spot.

She likes to salt her cooking copiously.

She’s still a very cautious person in many ways. She’s getting very brave about climbing and exploring, and she’s spending a lot of time learning about what her body can do. But she’s hesitant to approach children she doesn’t know, likes to really take her time thinking about something before trying it, and usually moves slowly through new spaces. She is also hesitant to try something again if it has resulted in any unpleasant experiences – for example, she got a bouncy toy for her birthday that she promptly fell off of, and now she’s asking for “assistant” when she wants to use that toy and doesn’t like to linger with it for long because she’s afraid of falling again. I try to help her be successful with new things until she is really comfortable with them, because at that point she’s more likely to bounce back from adversity.

For Sophie’s second birthday, we had a party at the pool with Very Hungry Caterpillar themed food. The photos say it all, so here we go:

Tavi, Sophie and Eleanor

Margaret does amazing things with cake.

Snacks according the Very Hungry Caterpillar

She enjoyed it...a lot.

Tavi and Sophie playing tetherball.

Eleanor helped with the present-opening process.

Well, almost all. I don’t have any photos of the swimming, which was frequent and enthusiastic.

And one last thing, before I wrap up this epic post of epicness: on the actual day of Sophie’s birthday, Ryan took the day off and we did as many fun things as we could happily manage. That included an early morning bike ride with dad, then some playground time, then post-nap ECHO, sushi, and ice cream.

She'd never had it ice cream in a cone before. About halfway through, we switched to a dish. :)

Happy birthday, Sophie Florence. We love you so much! Here’s to being two!

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  1. 1 Raina said at 7:32 pm on July 17th, 2011:

    that was a really great post! since i can’t see you guys super often, it is really nice to know more of the little details like that; the stuff she says and discovers and likes to do. give her a hug for me tomorrow! :)