23 months

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23 months! The other day, someone at the waterfront asked how old Sophie was, and I said “almost 23 months!” And then Shawn suggested that I might just say “almost two” and you know what? Yeah, he’s right. My kid is almost two years old!

I know this, actually. I have been thinking of her as a two year old for a while now, in a lot of ways. But we have enjoyed her second year so much, and it has seemed to go by very quickly (especially in comparison to her first!)

In the past week or so, Sophie has suddenly begun to pretend. She could sort of play along with me now and then before, but for the first time she is pretending independently and sustaining her imaginings enough to play. The other night she made me a pretend cake with one of her round baby wipes, which had blueberries on it, she said – and she brought it to an invisible stove and said “I make it hot” and stepped back so as not to burn herself. Then she served it to me. Ryan and I melted pretty much completely.

Nothing says "imaginative" like a Viking hat for pushing a shopping cart, right? No? Well, it's really funny, at any rate.

Oh hey, she cooperated and let me take a teeny video of her pretending to cook this evening, so here you go:

This month our praying mantis egg case hatched, resulting in hundreds of teeny baby praying mantises and a really interesting experience for Sophie. We brought them out on the deck and opened their terrarium thing, and some of them came right out and others hung out for a few days. Sophie got to touch a couple of them and one even climbed from her hand up her arm! She enjoyed that a lot and every day for several days, we went out and looked at the mantises (“antises”, she calls them). Some of them are still around, and noticeably bigger, two weeks later!

There is a mantis on Ryan's hand, see?

Honestly, I'm just fond of this photo. ;)

Sophie has made some progress in the I DO IT SOPHIE’S TURN department, such as putting on and taking off her own shoes (some pairs still require some assistance, though she will only admit this begrudgingly) and climbing more confidently on her own on the playground and up the stairs. She even went down the big “loop” slide (the twisty kind) at the Williston playground – many, many times. She and Ryan ride the bike to the playground often while I’m making dinner in the evening (“on the bike, I fly, go to playground, bumpy slide tube slide big slide, side down FAST on bum!”) and she could not be more pleased.

Down she goes! Her sandals make good brakes, apparently.

We had our first significant power outage in Sophie’s memory/understanding. She was really impressed. Seriously – she talked about the thunderstorm and resulting power outage constantly for DAYS. It went something (exactly, repeatedly) like this: “Keep a flashlight, sky go BOOOOM”. Sometimes there was commentary about rain or candles, also, or the way our server’s backup power beeps annoyingly and constantly when the power is out (“what I hear?”). But mostly, it was “keep a flashlight, sky go BOOM”.

Plus, we had dinner by candlelight. Fun!


Gramma and Grandad came to visit last week. We walked around the flooded lake and picked up driftwood, and then they came over to play for a while. They also brought super awesome fun with them – as follows:

We have a slide on loan from Gramma and Grandad, and it is super fun!

Gramma found a little green table and chairs for Sophie at a garage sale. Sophie loves it.

Miscellaneous fun had this month (some of these seem so long ago already!):

Scarf dancing - a favorite activity, especially with Eleanor.

Sophie has dinner with her friends Tavi and Nora.

9 year old girls are apparently the Best Thing Ever.

Checking out the "trainball" (I think it looks like a steampunk submarine...thing) at Union Station

And there you have it! Doesn’t that look like fun? I’m being totally sincere when I say we’re having a great time over here. Dancing, dinners, Viking hats, and trainballs – life is a crazy party.

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  1. 1 Leah said at 11:02 pm on June 12th, 2011:

    Some of those photos are priceless! What a smile. It’s so great to keep track of these gems: “Keep a flashlight. Sky go boom.” I love it. Thank you for posting!