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In not too long a time, I will have a 23 month post to make – whoa! But you get a bonus update because ECHO really deserves its own post.

ECHO is the aquarium and science center on the waterfront in Burlington. It’s Lake Champlain-focused, in terms of the wildlife you can check out and in terms of their mission. We have an annual membership (a good deal compared to day rates, and it gets us into museums and science centers all over the country!) so Sophie and I go there once every week or two, and she is very enthusiastic about it. I like it, too.

"Go to Echo, see big fish! See turtles, snakes. Again!"

Sophie's favorite snake. She has a favorite snake! She says she wants to kiss it.

Sophie floats a boat at the water table thingermabob

There is a little playroom at ECHO, with one of the first slides Sophie ever mastered. ;)

Playroom lighthouse

I have no photos of this, but one of Sophie’s favorite things is to touch the sea stars in their semi-hands-on tide pool display. She also thinks the hermit crabs are spiders (a comment that often prompts a volunteer to explain that they aren’t, but horseshoe crabs apparently are related to spiders!) and she feels sad when they are frightened of her.

Also, now that is it warm out, we can enjoy their decks overlooking the lake, and play at Waterfront Park when we’re there.

Checking out the lake from the upstairs deck. Sophie says she is "wearing glasses, looking at the sea."

We like to watch the boats, but also note the flooded park area beyond them.

This week, we came to the waterfront early and while we waited for ECHO to open, we took a walk together while it was cool and the lake was very still. Sophie commented on the way the sky and the water came together – “the sea goes up up up to the sky!” Because it was early, the swings along the boardwalk were not in use, so we got to swing for a long time, too! We watched the boats, and Sophie says she wants to drive one when she is bigger. I look forward to many more trips like this one. We live in a really fun area to be a kid – or a parent, actually!

PS: These pictures are from several weeks ago, but they are fairly representative. :)

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