22 Months

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This has been a fun month!

The biggest thing about the past month has been that the weather has finally been nice enough for Sophie to really enjoy playing outside. And do we ever! Sophie loves to play on the deck, wander around our yard, visit the playground, and explore at the waterfront. We walk on Church Street (and see dogs!), take walks to see the chickens at the farm near our house, and Sophie goes on bike rides with Ryan in the new bike seat I got them for his birthday. It’s really fun, and Sophie is developing a lot of new ideas and understanding from her exploration. She is learning the names of flowers (not that her mom knows that many, but she knows about tulips, daffodils, and dandelions!) and watching ants work. She watches the birds eat at the birdfeeder and talks about them all the time. We have a chipmunk who hangs out on and near our deck, and she inexplicably named him Zeke! Yesterday, she spent a good 15 minutes of deck time observing goings-on at the car place across the street.

Her feet got wet from the dew, but Sophie did not mind at all.

"Ride a bike, a seat, I fly!"

Sophie enjoys helping with the (limited) planting we have been doing.

We visited both sets of grandparents for Mother's Day weekend. Fun times!

Some of the current best-of-Sophie quotes:

“Look at that (whatever) right there. Just look at it!” (This one started with several days of constant “Mama, look at that flower. Mama, look at that bird. Mama, look at that grass.” And so on, forever. :))

“I ride bike, a seat. I fly!” (This is what she says when asked about bike-riding with Dad.)

When prompted to say please last night, she said “Please? And I say, okay.” This way, I knew what my answer was supposed to be, you see. Ryan says that sometimes when she demands something, he just looks at her and waits a moment, only last time instead of remembering to say please, she reminded him of his line: “say okay!”

Of going down the slide at Tavi’s house this week: “Up steps, sit, SLIDE DOWN FAST. On bum.”

But okay, really? I am not doing a good job of remembering the best things she says because she talks so much about everything, and we think most of it is pretty sensational. ;) She also sings a lot. Her current favorite songs to sing are “Oats and Beans and Barley” and “Doe a Deer” , along with several selections from yoga class.

Sophie loves to go in and out of the deck door.

Sophie can “count” to ten in the sense that she can recite that many numbers in sequence – that said, she does not understand values above two in application. She is still working on correct pronoun use, preferring to say things like “Sophie turn, now Mama’s turn” – but she’s using “you” and “I” with pretty good accuracy sometimes. It’s the gendered ones she uses randomly. She often looks for Ryan and says “I found her!” when she finds him, for example. (As an aside, this is interesting to me because I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately on sex and gender and the gender identification process in children, and it seems children usually start to recognize gender somewhere around 18 months to 2 years and then often strongly identify with their gender around ages 3-5 – and from what I can tell, Sophie is just starting to pick up on it a bit, but hasn’t got any clear ideas about it either. I have no idea if this has anything to do with language and pronouns, but it’s interesting anyway.)

She is currently getting two of her two-year molars, the top ones. She had a really hard day yesterday, but slept well last night and is much better this morning. After the two year molars, we get a break from teething, right? Two year molars! Remember when she got her first tooth, and I could not imagine how many more we had to do? Yeah. Time flies, somehow, despite the horrifyingly slow process of growing so very many teeth!

Enjoy the outdoors, Sophie-style. Happy spring!

Bonus video: Sophie reciting and singing