Instructions and Easter

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Sophie helps read “Instructions”, by Neil Gaiman from Sarah Freebern on Vimeo.

Our daughter knows how to conduct herself on a fantasy journey, and we are very proud. :)

The sound is somewhat wanting, maybe crank your volume before viewing.

Bonus Easter photos, while I’m here:

Sophie ate a LOT of bunny grahams on Easter morning.

Sophie does not really understand the mechanics, but she likes her pinwheel a lot.

Sophie and Adele wait for Easter dinner to begin.

It was nice out after dinner, so we played in the yard!

Eleanor inspired Sophie to try out the soccer ball.

She makes soccer look pretty great, after all!

Sophie and Grandad, having a chat.

(Almost) 21 months

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Spring is finally, um, springing! Sophie and Ryan are outside cleaning out the car right now. Yes, she is so excited about being outside that helping Dad clean the car sounded like fun to her.

The past month has contained some firsts for Sophie:

First soft-serve at Burlington Bay last weekend (they not only have egg-free ice cream, they also demonstrably had a clue about allergens). Last year at this time, she was still dairy-free. We have come a long way!

First time going down a slide all by herself, at ECHO a while back.

I have pictures of the actual sliding, but I have no clue how to get them off of my phone.

First movie, “My Neighbor Totoro”, on the first day she was really sick with this cold she has had for 400 years. (Well, actually – she saw a little bit of the Babies documentary with me a while back, but this one, we sat and watched together all the way through.)

She's leaning that way because it made her nose run less. This picture is so sad that it's coming back around to cute, I think.

I have no photographic evidence, but she and I went to the playground for the first time this year yesterday, and she walked across the wiggly bridge thing on her own, and generally wanted to move in there.

Also, yesterday, she got to pet her very first ferret on Church Street. ;)

I’ve been collecting a list of things Sophie says lately…except that that this is in my head and not anywhere else, so allow me to try and reconstruct:

Meg put up their baby swing the other day, and Sophie had a great time in it, and repeated the experience at the playground yesterday. She is rather unusual in her approach, however – she wants me to put her in, get her swinging, and then back away and not touch her until the swing basically stops…at which point she would prefer to be done rather than have me push her. The best part about this is how she communicates her desires to me. She says “Mama, scootch.” She told me to “scootch” when I tried to help her up the steps at the playground, too. She is working on doing things “ON OWN” still. She is dangerously brave – she wanted to climb the highest playground structure alone and go down the highest, spiral slide by herself yesterday. I refused to scootch away for that, however, so she had to put up with my assistance. ;)

She loves this board book about construction, which ends with “Great job, Bob! Great job, team!” That was like, her catchphrase for a little while, and she said it all the time. Now it has devolved: she says “G-Bob, Bob! G-bob, team!”

This morning, instead of just saying “no” to my request, she said “Roll a eyes, showed claws, Max said NO”. For those of you well-versed in these things, that may be familiar – it’s from “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. I have to admit, I abandoned what I wanted her to do – I just told her she was awesome and then died of the cute. ;)

Some other favorite phrasings:
“Crackers! I need crackers!” (insert any “need” here, it is always phrased this way, sometimes with a please. ;))
“Again a time” (she is indicating that she would like to do something again another time in the future, it is usually an acknowledgement that we can’t do it again immediately)
“Hungry, need cow” (“cow” is yogurt, because there is a cow on the Brown Cow packaging…she is REALLY INTO yogurt right now)
“Happy clappy namaste” (thanks to yoga class)
“Neck-a-luss, pretty. Good. Pretty nice.” (She likes to compliment my jewelry, eyes, hair, etc. She sees that it pleases me, so she tends to go on and on. ;))

Pointing at a photo of me this morning: “Yes, I found it, a mom, Sarah”

Favorite books of the moment:
“Zen Ties” and “Zen Shorts” by Jon Muth
“Jessica” and “Kitten’s First Full Moon” by Kevin Henkes
“”First Tomato” and “Felix Feels Better” by Rosemary Wells
The “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” COLLECTION by Laura Numeroff (if I never read one of those books again, it will be WAY TOO SOON)
The “Friendly Tales” collection by Margaret Wise Brown (A note: MWB wrote the venerable “Goodnight Moon”, “Big Red Barn”, etc. But let me tell you, she also wrote some “friendly tales” that are downright wackadoodle. They are weird, and written in a style that distinctly reminds me of the writing of my elementary students. What is up, Margaret Wise Brown?)

After all the randomness I have just laid upon you, here are some photos to wrap it up:

"Bubble hat, nice!" Bubbles are huge with her right now.

This is the nicest of the exaggerated smiles. ;)

"Painting I need painting!"

As always, more photos can be found here: