20 Months

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If there is any one photo that sums up Sophie’s development this month, it’s this one:

Sophie struggles with conflicting feelings about jumping off of her step-stool.

Her burning desire to climb things and jump off of them has increased, for one thing. But what’s really new is that she really wants to do many things on her own, while at the same time wanting me to help her because she’s anywhere from vaguely nervous to actively petrified of following through. This causes… let’s go with “cognitive dissonance”. ;) This photo is a prime example – she is standing on the stool fussing at me, saying “Hands!” (one way of asking for help), but when I offer her my hands she says “No no, Sophie’s turn! Sophie own!” and then she cries and gets angry because she doesn’t know if she wants to jump on her own or not. We do this a lot right now.

That said, she’s also a very happy kid, much of the time:

Sophie loves doing tricks with her ball and chasing it around the house.

She and Eleanor are having a good time playing together lately, most of the time. Eleanor had dinner here recently, and they both had a great time and ate a ton of miso soup. (Sophie, by the way, is very enthusiastic about soup in general. She had three bowls of the minstrone I made tonight!)

Sophie and Eleanor enjoy miso soup and each other's company

Also, isn’t this cute?
(This was the day, by the way, that Sophie allowed me to put a hair clip in her hair for the first time in ages. Note the hair clip in Adele’s hair. The baby is teaching the toddler!)

And because Kelly said it would make people’s day, here is Sophie, helping to unload the dishwasher. The silverware is her job.