A year and a half!

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Sophie is 18 months old!

When I think about how to describe Sophie right now, I picture her sitting on the ledge at the coffee shop we frequent before toddler yoga, bouncing and saying “bouncing bouncing bouncing”. I think of her dancing and saying “dizzy dancing!” (which sounds much like “busy dancing”). I see her playing with bubbles in the bathtub (once we got past how terrifying the bubbles were, at first) and struggling with whether she is being messy or getting clean. I think of her asking me when her favorite people are going to come to our house and sit on our couch. :)

New experiences are regarded with suspicion at first.

Basically, she’s very busy, comfortable and confident in her routine but very interested in the exciting and new, too. We definitely have a rhythm and ritual to our daily activities, but she wants to know who we are going to see and what we are going to do within that routine to make it fun. She’s talking about our transitions as they happen – in the morning when she wakes up, she nurses and then kisses me and tells me “bye, mama” and goes to play with her dad for a couple of hours while I get more sleep. When we get ready to get in the car, she guesses who we will see – often she says “Eleanor. Meg. Shawn. Adele. Yay!” At bedtime, she knows that after tooth-brushing we read books, and she goes to the bookcase in her room and says “choice!” before…making her choice! It’s fun to watch.

Meg made Sophie a quilt for Chirstmas. She loves to sleep and nurse under it. "Cozy!"

Today we took Sophie to visit our friends Erin and Jon and their new baby (two weeks old tomorrow!), Kai. Sophie is fascinated with Kai. She has been talking about him since the day we met him (two weeks ago, actually, because Erin and Jon are intrepid souls, and because they had such a peaceful homebirth that there were feeling up to visitors the very same day!). She says “Baby Kai! Tiny! Baby born.” It is super cute.

In the past couple of days, Sophie has discovered climbing. Everyone told me that toddlers like to climb, but until recently our toddler was not so inclined. However, when she started trying to jump off of her box of blocks, I brought the stepstool down from her room. She very carefully climbed on top, told me “I’ll try”, and then very nervously “jumped” off while holding my hands. Her jumping does not involve any bending of the knees whatsoever, so it’s not so much a jump as a very stiff step – but she is thrilled with it, and we practiced for a long time. She kisses me every time, after I catch her, and I suspect that she is trying to keep me interested in doing it over and over. ;)

There are challenges with 18 month old Sophie, too, of course. She’s working on her canines, at least, and it’s been going on for weeks. Sleep had been going much better, and now it is not going very well again…for a few days it was really bad and I was, as Shawn nicely put it, missing a few beats. ;)

She’s also doing that thing that toddlers do (and that Sophie has always sort of done) where she melts down loudly, frequently, and with great passion. This doesn’t bother me as much as it might bother some people, because it’s loud but it’s usually over very quickly – unlike months of colic! That said, it’s nobody’s favorite behavior, of course, and we talk a lot about using words instead of just wailing with despair. Also, until about Christmas time, she was great at playing on her own for periods of time. For example, Ryan used to be able to prepare breakfast in the morning while I got ready for the day and she “read” to herself. But a week or so before Christmas, she suddenly stopped being willing to do that at all ever, and now we can’t do anything without her complaining and asking to “see babies” or “nurse you” or “read it mama” or “puzzles!” or whatever thing she has on her mind that absolutely must involve one or both of us immediately. While I am happy to “read it mama” quite often, I really miss being able to get anything done in peace! We are trying to gently redirect her when we are busy, and waiting for this phase to pass.

As tired and fried as I sometimes am, I am so proud of my baby girl. We’re just so pleased with her all the time, even when she’s frustrating. She’s so verbal and intelligent, and she’s very loving and enthusiastic. As she helps us recite quite often when we read “Blueberry Girl” (“Gaiman! Vess!”, she says, naming the author and illustrator ;)), her joys are as high as her sorrows are deep. She feels a lot. She loves us back and can show it, which is the best thing ever. I could go on and I already have, so I’ll leave you with some photos and stop talking now. (Note to self: update baby blog more often so as not to go on and on, ok?) In short, we love our Sophie very much.

Nom nom baby toes.

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