17 months and holiday stuff

Posted: December 16th, 2010 | Author: | 2 Comments »

You know how you know you need to be better about updating this sort of thing? When you go to make a post involving a Christmas tree and the previous post was about Halloween. Oops.

First, I have for you a video of Sophie talking about the Christmas tree. There is a yeti involved.

Next, I will link you to Shawn and Meg’s weblog, where there is an honest-to-goodness photo of Ryan, Sophie and I all together (a rarity!) as well as some other great photos from St. Nick’s Day.

And here’s a Sophie-and-tree photo, for good measure. :)

I also feel like a 17 month update is in order. Sophie is 17 months old now, and she has had another language explosion. She said something one might consider a sentence the other day: “I sorry – come back, cheese!” She wanted some cheese and none was available (we were in the car), and that was her reaction. I am totally pleased with this as a first sentence choice. ;) She’s also parroting a lot of words, but she is picking them up and using them in her own right constantly.

Right now she is obsessed with the songs we sing at her toddler yoga class. Nothing pleases her more than when I sing them and march and clap and dance and do yoga poses with her. We work through things she doesn’t want to do by incorporating them into the songs (as in, “brush, brush, brush our teeth, brush our teeth together…”)

Sophie has also started to be able to say the names of many of the familiar people in her life, and she likes to look at photos and talk about them. We spend a little while on Flickr most days, looking at photos and discussing them. She even likes babies she doesn’t know well, except through pictures (Aesop and Ianto, I’m looking at you guys!)

She has 11 teeth at last count, and is working (painfully) hard on getting a couple more. I’d really like to imagine a world where she gets a few more out quickly and then we get a break before the 2 year molars, but I have this feeling that they will time themselves perfectly to avoid such a break. Sadness.

I said this before and I will say it again – I am really enjoying most aspects of this phase of Sophie’s life. Toddlerhood has its challenges, but mostly, I’m loving it. We can communicate and play, and share experiences, and express love! It’s awesome.

Happy holidays from all of us – hopefully, we’ll be seeing a bunch of you all soon. :)