Happy Halloween!

Posted: November 7th, 2010 | Author: | 1 Comment »

We all dressed up as pirate for Halloween, as you can see! The goal was to take Eleanor (and Sophie, along for the ride) trick or treating in town. Our trick-or-treating ended up being pretty short, because it was freezing cold and snowing…but we hit a few houses and had a good time aside from the part where our extremities froze. ;)

Sophie’s trick-or-treating loot – a bag of pretzels. Perfect for a toddler, and she was very pleased.

Aunt Linda sent Sophie the best Halloween card ever in the history of cards. It has FINGER PUPPETS. And these finger puppets are things Sophie recognizes and can talk about. A ghost is “boo”, an owl is “owl, whoo”, and the cat is…as always, “pu-cat” (purple cat, thanks to Eric Carle). She thinks it’s terribly funny when I put them on my fingers and make them say “hi” to her. Thanks, Aunt Linda!