14 months tomorrow!

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Sophie's leveling up!

Sophie is full of new skills, including levitating boxes. ;)

Tonight we watched as she ate her dinner, enthusiastically, with a fork. She was very determined. We had pink sauce with zucchini, basil, and baby arugula. She stabbed the zucchini and pasta and experimented with different angles for biting it. She tried to stab the arugula but that didn’t work out, so she scooped it out of the bowl with the fork and placed it carefully on the table before picking it up and putting in her mouth… with her hand. OK, so it’s a work in progress, but she’s really coming along!

Sophie has lots of new words, though many of them come and go and she will rarely repeat things if you ask. Consistently, though, she says a bunch of things. Some that come out frequently are: okay, hi, mama, dad (she also calls Ryan dada, da, and dads :)), hot, cold, car, go, cow, moo, baa, dog (gog), cat, bath, bowl, pee, tissue (tish!), eye, nose, yes, no, Adele (Ada!), Shawn (Sha!), Kelly (Keee!), belly (beee!).

She is very aware of routines and surroundings now. When she sees me pick up her towel, she says “bath!”, and if I so much as touch my purse she says “car!” because she assumes we’re going out. This helps in many ways, she knows what to expect and she likes to participate. It also means that sometimes she has expectations that do not immediately come to pass, and that causes mini-meltdowns. She sometimes misunderstands my intentions, so I try to be aware of that and talk about what I’m doing. Sometimes though, I don’t see her thought process coming even though I probably should – she’s just so much more aware than we are used to yet! The other day we came out of the bakery and I sort of randomly chose to stroll down the sidewalk that faces the playground directly. She saw the playground in front of us and said “oookay! oooKAY! ok! OK!” to indicate that she approved of what she assumed was my awesome plan to stop there to play. (We stopped to play! She went down the slide several times, and also peed on it.)

We are really enjoying Sophie, and she is really enjoying life. Sorry for the lack of updates…this girl keeps us busy!