Sophie’s birthday cupcake

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Our baby girl is 1! As Meg said, we did it! We turned her one! Hooray!

I feel like there is more to say but I don’t really have much time to say it, so for now at least…see Sophie “eat” her birthday cupcake. I’m posting it everywhere because ohymgodsocute.

What does a cow say?

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Sophie knows what a cow says. Sort of.

Happy 4th from Sophie

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Sophie enjoyed visiting both sets of grandparents, my Aunt Linda, Great Uncle Bill (he says she makes him great! ;)) and assorted other great and regular aunts and uncles, and the Carte camp on Lake George this weekend. She wore her new sunglasses, and took her first dip in the lake.

She was a little shocked when the water got as high as her diaper, but in general she seemed to enjoy it.

Then she dried off with grandad and hammed it up for the camera (she kept gesturing at the camera and then at herself, requesting that I take her picture).

Here is Sophie, chatting with Grampa and Gramma at their house. Check out her shades.

I have to confess, this entire time I have been wanting to make a Timbuk 3 reference, and resisting the urge. What on earth is Timbuk 3, you ask? Why, they are the brains behind the song “My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”. OOPS, REFERENCE MADE.

More photos are up on Flickr, right this way!