Sophie has a new cousin

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Shawn and Meg’s baby arrived about a week and a half ago, so Sophie has a new cousin! Her name is Adele, and she’s a sweetie. She feels so tiny to me, compared to my big almost-toddler! We are so glad Adele is here safely, and home enjoying life as best a baby her size can. :)

Sophie and I have been spending a lot of time at the Other Freeberns’ house helping out, as Meg is recovering from Adele’s birth, which was an emergency C-section. Sophie really likes to play with Eleanor and follow her all over the house. She has mixed feelings about the new baby – she cried the first time I held Adele, and regards her somewhat nervously the rest of the time. She seems very curious, though, and would really like me to let her touch the baby more than I have. :)

You can see photos of Adele at Shawn and Meg’s weblog ( I did crib a couple of their photos of my daughter over the past few days, so here they are:

Shawn, Sophie and Eleanor are reading Richard Scarry.

More photos coming as soon as I offload the camera. :)

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