Sophie has a new cousin

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Shawn and Meg’s baby arrived about a week and a half ago, so Sophie has a new cousin! Her name is Adele, and she’s a sweetie. She feels so tiny to me, compared to my big almost-toddler! We are so glad Adele is here safely, and home enjoying life as best a baby her size can. :)

Sophie and I have been spending a lot of time at the Other Freeberns’ house helping out, as Meg is recovering from Adele’s birth, which was an emergency C-section. Sophie really likes to play with Eleanor and follow her all over the house. She has mixed feelings about the new baby – she cried the first time I held Adele, and regards her somewhat nervously the rest of the time. She seems very curious, though, and would really like me to let her touch the baby more than I have. :)

You can see photos of Adele at Shawn and Meg’s weblog ( I did crib a couple of their photos of my daughter over the past few days, so here they are:

Shawn, Sophie and Eleanor are reading Richard Scarry.

More photos coming as soon as I offload the camera. :)


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Sophie is pretty happy to see you! Or something, I don’t really know what that face is saying. It made us laugh, though!

We moved, hence the long time between updates. Sophie has learned to crawl, and is crawling around our new living room as I type. She likes to move our furniture around so she can cruise all over. She plays Patty Cake, though she gets so excited about watching whoever is participating that she stops clapping herself. She enjoys copying Eleanor, eating sauteed vegetables, and taking walks.

She is banging her hands on the table right now, and pausing now and then to stare at her palms with amazement. Life is pretty good. :)