A tooth! A tooth a tooth a tooth a tooth a tooth!

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This is a red letter day, people. It is FIRST TOOTH day.

Sophie has been obviously teething and uncomfortable for months now. The past four days, her misery has been turned up to eleven. After all of those super fun times, we have finally arrived! The tooth is just barely above the gumline, and still hard to see. You can feel it easily, though. It’s on the bottom, in the front – her left. Just for posterity, y’know.

Here’s a photo I took of Sophie’s still-not-so-toothy grin this afternoon. You can’t see the teeny bit of tooth, but you can see a very happy Sophie. :)


Only, what, 20-something more to go? *faints*

Books, splits, and rice cereal – Sophie at 8 months

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We have been very, very bad baby blog updaters. Allow me to try to catch up a little.

Where to begin? Sophie is 8 months old. She weighs something in the neighborhood of 18-19 lbs (based on the last weight check), has mastered sitting up, and is pulling to standing in her crib – and on the side of the bathtub when we take a bath. She does not crawl, but she likes to try. She ends up sort of doing a split and then crying, though, so… a work in progress. Which is okay with us! The main reason our baby blog updating has gone the way of the dodo lately is because we are in the process of buying a townhouse (that sounds so nuts to me right now)! This relates to crawling in that the floors in the theoretical new place are a zillion times better for learning to crawl. If she holds off until we’re in there, that would be much easier on both my mind and her knees.

On food: Sophie nurses regularly, but she is finally also starting to enjoy eating some solid food. Her favorites are rice cereal and avocado. (I think it is so funny that she loves rice cereal. I was going to skip it entirely, since breastfed babies don’t actually need it and the iron fortification can constipate. Plus, real food just seemed like it would be more appealing. NOT SO, apparently. Bland mush for the win!) She did not love carrots, and pear and sweet potato were good but gave her some digestive troubles. Yesterday she sucked on a green bean for a while.

On teeth: there are NONE. Despite a very, very, very long period of teething-related suffering, those teeth just will not appear. We’re up to our ears in teething remedies: cold toys, chewy toys, cold chewy toys, refrigerated carrots, wood toys, orajel, homeopathy, Motrin, Tylenol, washcloths, amber teething necklace…you name it, we’re doing it. The toothless grin is pretty adorable, though!

On sleep: it’s not great. I’d like to work on some changes to our sleep situation, but with moving coming up and being exhausted, I haven’t really been willing to do any night-time working on anything. Soon, maybe.

On Things That Are Fun: Sophie loves to read books. Like, super duper bigtime LOVES. She loves reading so much that she kicks and wriggles and screeches with laughter when we read to her, and she cries mournfully when we stop. Her favorite books are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, “Trucks” by Byron Barton, and “Olivia” by Ian Falconer.

Sophie also loves people. She likes to go out in public and people-watch, and she loves visiting the Richmond Freeberns (though uh, soon we will all be Richmond Freeberns). Sophie enjoys watching Eleanor dance and run around and generally be a kid. Meg and I took the kids to the park last week for the first time this year, and it was awesome. Eleanor did some swinging and went on the big slide, and Sophie watched and sat on the ground and picked up little bits of grass and sticks. And that’s what it’s all about, right? ;)