Video of Sophie laughing

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Taken this afternoon. :)

5 months, 1 week

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Sophie has been really interested in sitting for a while now. Last weekend, she sat on her own, in a wobbly and leaning fashion, for the first time!

She’s not quite ready to sit without someone there to spot her, but she’s working on it. She seems very excited about this development and is now trying to get on her stomach, make swimming motions, and attempt to crawl. ATTEMPT TO CRAWL. It will be a while, I think, but oh boy would we be in trouble if she learned that soon.

The same day, and in fact during the same photo shoot, Sophie waved! Shawn was waving at her and she started imitating him. She did it several times, though she has not done it since. But really, how sweet is that photo? Look how friendly our baby can be!

In other Sophie news, I took her to the pediatrician yesterday because her sleep has recently just completely exploded in the Very Bad sense, and she has seemed to be in pain. The doctor felt a tooth coming in, so that is probably the issue, though we are also taking her in for allergy testing soon to rule out other food allergies that may be causing issues through breastmilk (Sophie has a dairy sensitivity, so I have cut all dairy out of my diet). We have upped the dosage on her reflux medication, as well.

Oddly enough, after visiting the doctor yesterday over her sleep and fussiness issues…we had the best night of sleep we have had in a few weeks last night. It was so great! Like old times, even, when she slept almost all night. Then when she woke up this morning, she started rolling over from back to tummy and then tummy to back, which is new. She did this with vigor, for half an hour! So, I would say this baby is coming along just fine. :)

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