Baby’s first wedding

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This weekend, we took Sophie to her first wedding. Our friends Erin and Jon got married on Saturday in Brookfield. It was a beautiful day for a wedding, and we had a lot of fun. Sophie especially enjoyed dancing in the Baby Bjorn on Ryan’s chest. (We have a baby who cannot sleep in ideal conditions at home, but can she sleep during loud parties? Oh yes she can!) Check out the other photos of the wedding here – they’re quite pretty!

Congratulations to Erin and Jon!

Portsmouth, NH day trip

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Sarah and Sophie in a public garden in Portsmouth

Sarah and Sophie in a public garden in Portsmouth

We went to Portsmouth, NH – our longest road trip with Sophie – last weekend, just for a day. The weather was beautiful, and we happened to be there for the fairy houses again! More photos on Flickr. :)

Smiles and sensitivities

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We have been reminded that we are basically failing at baby blogging, so I will make an effort. :)

Since we last posted:

– Sophie cried and cried and cried and also yelled and yelled and…yeah. Yay colic! At the suggestion of her pediatrician, I tried eliminating dairy entirely from my diet, to see if it was a food sensitivity (dairy is one of the most common culprits). Lo and behold, a somewhat happier baby! Now if only she would learn that she is mistaken in her strongly-held belie that SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. (We had been making progress there. In the past several days, there has been a regression.)

– She learned to smile. She particularly likes to smile during diaper changes. She has also found her fist, and deeply enjoys a good schnozzle. Sometimes she gets so excited about it that she upsets herself!

– She had her first vaccinations. (“The Vaccine Book” by Dr. Sears has been very helpful.)

She started noticing things like the monkey decal on her wall, and her origami crane mobile. She has also started kicking at her bouncy seat toys, almost as if she is purposefully playing. HMMM.

– We discovered that Sophie really loves crowds, and will sleep happily in her car seat if it’s attached to her stroller. We enjoyed the Champlain Valley Fair, Church Street, Magic Hat’s 9/9/09 partyfuntimes, and other good stuff this way.

Since I know what you are really hoping for here, how about a photo, huh?

Taken  this morning, during a diaper change :)

Taken this morning, during a diaper change :)